Start to scale your business with virtual teams in just 2 weeks

Work directly with me and other business leaders for 2 weeks

…systemize, digitize and scale your workforce with virtual teams

Joining the Virtual Team Challenge you get started with the implementation of the principles for high-performing remote teams, to build your digital leadership system that gets you transparency and control over progress and results and even find you freelancers you can rely on.

You’ll build your solid fundamentals for scaling with a flexible remote-first workforce of both employees and global freelancers.

In a group coaching, I'll walk you through the whole process and support and consult you personally to systemize your offers, standardize your execution and start to build your digital leadership system to scale reliably with freelancers.

I walk you through a proven process to practically implement my system and

You'll learn all the principles of leading result driven remote teams and start to systemize and digitize your business to scale any work reliably with freelancers

Within only 2 weeks I will guide you together with other participants in a group coaching through a focused and proven process to define all main parts of your digital leadership system that becomes the basis to build, lead and scale a high performing virtual team of global freelancers.

Structure and a system is THE KEY to take advantage of the huge flexibility that you can get with a scalable workforce.

Join me in 3 hands-on online sessions, 1 Bonus Video and get 2 full weeks of my support


Standardize offers and services

  • Why productizing your service
  • How to win clients online
  • Define your target clients
  • Define your core services
  • Define your sales funnel
  • Prepare for high profitability
  • Homework of about 2-4 hours

Define your
team setup

  • Defining goals properly
  • Systematic team setup
  • Define meetings, reports and KPIs
  • 5 core principles of result driven teams
  • Defining your digital leadership system
  • Define your team setup (blueprint)
  • Homework of about 2-4 hours

System Setup

  • 3 team setup live coachings
  • Set up your leadership system
  • Transfer into your productive systems
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Creating job posts for freelancers
  • Interview and assessment of freelancers
  • Alignment of your goals and next steps
  • Homework of about 2-4 hours

BONUS: Getting
Laser Focused

  • How to get laser focused
  • How to free your time for more results
  • How to get your team focused on KPIs
  • How to reduce stress
  • Managing focus-time with timeboxes
  • How to improve performance continuously

See What Participants Say...

Vincent Lévi
(TradingID, Marketing)
Marketing Consultant
(Medical industry)
Alex Thomson
Founder and CEO of Growth Gurus
(Marketing Agency)
Paul Ardeleanu
Founder and CEO of Marketing Deck
Darren Cahill
Founder and CEO of Brotist
(Marketing, E-Commerce)
Anthony Vdovitchenko
Founder and CEO
(AI Software Development)
Nico Serapins
Founder and CEO Good Visuals Only
(Video Marketing Agency)
Joeri Billast
Founder and CEO Efficado
(Digital Marketing Agency)
Ozan Möller
Marketing Consultant
(Medical industry)


“Hi Manuel,

You told us that we should reach out for any question…
The fact is, I don’t have any for the moment 🙂 (but that will certainly come).

Those lines just to let you know that all that I’ve learned those last weeks is awesome and has a lot of value for me.

My agency is 11 years old, I have 8 employees and I have almost always worked with freelancers too.

But all your videos, academy, documentations and now the challenge, forced me to put my nose into my own sh** and consider :

1) that my way of doing things has limits (that part I already noticed, but ignored with the bad excuse : « I don’t have time and things are going well for us »)
2) It can change (that is the new part).

For now, I’m feeling a bit brainwashed (or « flashed », Men in Black way of being flashed^^) and I need some time to « structure » all that in my head, on our tools, in the brains of our team etc. but I’m convinced I’ll be very soon able to :

1) Reduce my stress and the stress of my employees
2) Work more on the agency then in the agency in order to improve the system
3) Have a better life (if I manage to work less then 65 hours a week I’ll consider that as a great result)
4) Scale my agency

Thank you again Manuel and have a great day!
À bientôt !”

Tjark Tilberis CEO and Founder of "C'est qui Maurice ?" (Agency)

The Challenge Structure

Every online session takes 2 hours and takes places with a limited amount of other participants. The content and structure will keep you focused on getting your team and your leadership system properly set up one step after another.

During every session you’ll work with me and others in a group coaching on your team setup and practically start implementing it with my personal coaching and consulting.

Getting hands on with me and start to implement the fundamentals of your high performing remote team that can scale with global freelancers will save you tons of time and mistakes and get you fast results with direct feedback from me and my team.

This is also a great opportunity to get in touch with other virtual team leaders to share knowledge, experience and make even faster progress together!

Including 2 Full
Weeks Of Chat
Support For You

During 2 full weeks you get chat support from me, my co-founders and my HR team to get you answers to your questions FAST while working on your team.

There’s no way to get stuck, we are available from 9AM to 6PM on work days. We might reply even earlier and later, even during the weekend but with slower reaction time.

Your required time investment

Building your digital leadership system is the key to build high performing remote teams and scale reliably with global freelancers.

Your commitment to investing time in getting all the results that are possible is absolutely required. I want to be transparent upfront about your time investment so that you can plan and block your calendar. Getting your time free is the first step for getting progress and great results.

I can only work with you if you really commit yourself to this time investment as then I’m certain that you’ll get the result!

After every session, I’ll give you some well thought and prepared homework where you complete work packages, learn new knowledge and get practical experience to progress and move forward.

Based on how fast you learn and implement the learnings and principles I’ll guide you through, you can expect to block the following time in your calendar:

  • 2x 2 hours in the first week for joining the work sessions
  • 1 hour for the final session in the second week
  • 2x 2-4 hours to do your homework and complete the work packages
  • 4-8 hours in the second week where you get access to chat support

Your total time investment during 2 weeks is approximately 13 to 21 hours to get your leadership system based on the principles of my system implemented and your first freelancer ready to work.

You’ll find the full schedule of this challenge below on this page.

That is almost NO TIME compared to how much time most business leaders spend with

poor or
no results
too high

Or even worse...

Working 10,12,14 hours per day, doing all the work themselves as they can’t afford a full time team to delegate work to or don’t know how to build a digital leadership system to get reliable results.

Joining this challenge will get you started to scale your workforce reliably with freelancers and once you have a reliable and trustworthy team, you get much more time free to work on your business instead of in your business or do other things you love and currently have no time for.

The Results You Can Get

…if you commit yourself to work on your scalable workforce for about 20 hours in 2 weeks together with me and other participants you can

✅ get your leadership system ready to scale any kind of digital work with global freelancers

✅ learn how to lead a team by results and let your team grow your business independently from you

✅ reduce stress, increase focus and performance for yourself and in your team

✅ create your quality standard with checklists and templates

✅ find reliable freelancers and get my feedback to your selected profiles

Know-how from business owner to business owner

My name is Manuel Pistner. My experience in numbers:

  • Business owner and entrepreneur since 2006
  • Built 6 own businesses – sold one while currently leading 3 by myself
  • current team of over 150 freelancers in 67 countries
  • hired more than 800 freelancers online
  • working with global freelancers since 2012
  • built more than 50 virtual teams of freelancers for clients
  • 200.000 hours of work per year with freelancer teams

See how I learned it
the hard way...

You can skip all that horrible experience and I will guide you to implement the proper system right from the beginning – which took me more than 2.5 years of trial and error.

You can take the Fastlane without all these expensive failures I had to make to learn it without a guide.

This System Got
By The
European Commission

In 2018 the European Commission awarded this system with the Seal of Excellence to certify it as a concept that offers a high value for many other service based companies.

This system was awarded as a “High Quality” approach in a “Highly competitive evaluation process” by independent experts from all over Europe. Due to its first use in IT and digital marketing projects in 2018, this award was focused on IT projects. In the meantime we have seamlessly transferred the system to all types of digital work.

My Personal Guarantee

If you don’t feel that joining this Virtual Team Challenge will give you any value, send me an email after the first session and you’ll get all your money back.

Fair enough?

The next challenge is already sold out.