Businesses that rely on a talent acquisition team have excellent chances of minimizing recruiting oversights. They are adept at hiring the right person for the job and aligning job vacancies with the business strategy. 

When you hit a significant milestone and need new talent to identify opportunities and grow your business, your talent acquisition strategy will be a dealbreaker.

How can you build a winning talent acquisition team when the companies everywhere fight for tech talent? 

Even when the competition is stiff, you can come on top based on unique talent acquisition management with a global freelancer pool. 

talent acquisition planning

What is a Talent Acquisition Team?

A talent acquisition team is a group of employees that work on an active and ongoing hiring strategy, identifying above-the-average talent to fill out current and potential future vacancies.

The talent acquisition team is usually a part of the HR department in large organizations. Its main job includes finding and onboarding skilled candidates. 

Having skilled talent on your team prepares you to jump to innovation. You create leaders or identify people with a very specific skillset. 

It is important for the acquisition team to find, attract, assess, interview, hire, and onboard experts.

It is even more important for you to hire the best talent acquisition specialists.  

Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Recruitment

The essential difference between these two HR strategies is the short or long-term focus. Talent recruitment focuses on filling mostly currently open job positions. Talent acquisition is more about searching for candidates who:

  • Are ahead of the game by their natural abilities.
  • Give the effort to hone skills for which they are talented.
  • Possess the motivation to take ownership and accountability for their job role. 

When you position yourself as a company open to talent, you create a window of opportunity to signal to newcomers on the job market that you want to welcome them and help them grow as a part of your team. 

talent acquisition team

Do You Need a Talent Acquisition Team?

Most challenging job roles require persons ready to face them. If you want to overcome job shortages, your strategy should incorporate a talent acquisition team or at least a talent acquisition specialist. 

With the current rapid technological progress, it is not too far-fetched to assume that most lack of talent is in tech.

You may have experienced this shortage on your skin when even paid incentives and referrals didn’t make the hiring process for a full-stack expert developer easier.     

Challenges with Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Acquiring the best people for the job is not a one-off effort. It is a continuous business practice of monitoring the market and networking in your niche to get acquainted with proficient employees. 

Growing your company talent pool in this way needs a long-term time investment on your part. You may not have the resources for this dedicated crusade. It can take either too much time on your part or too much money to pay a certified talent acquisition team to do the job for you. In times of scarcity, talent acquisition management seems just like another load on your back for which you need to stress.  

If you look at the typical talent acquisition specialist job template, the task at hand may seem beyond grasp.

So, do you need to go back to fast-finding talent when someone suddenly quits? Can you be prepared with fewer risks by sourcing talent up-front?

There is a trick you can employ to best manage your personal and your company’s resources with minimal risk. And you can still connect with the brightest people and make them a part of your team. That trick is global talent acquisition management with freelancers.   

talent acquisition skills

Global Talent Acquisition with Virtual Teams 

If you think conventionally, a global talent acquisition team may sound too ambitious, even scary. 

However, if you think in terms of scalable virtual teams and automated talent sourcing processes aligned with task execution workflows, this huge indigestible chunk of workload can reduce to a palpable bite-sized piece. 

Let us find out how you can build a virtual talent acquisition team that feeds on its skills and helps you expand your business without huge risks.

Why organizations need to adapt for great talents? See below:

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Your talent acquisition strategy should be a part of your business strategy. You can purchase the most expensive HR software available; if you don’t use it properly, you won’t reach your business goals. Your talent pool will be as good as your strategy. 

Talent Results Bring Business Results

A trait of good leadership is understanding that talent results bring business results. People are more than your most important resource. Carefully acquired talent aligned with your business values and in sync with your organizational culture will not only meet your goals but propel new business growth. You grow through the people. Talented people are a must.

Talent Generation

Talent networking is a smart business practice similar to lead generation in digital marketing. Since you are attracting and finding employees, you are working on inbound and outbound campaigns, spreading the good word about your business. More importantly, it is a durable process that needs to be constantly improved, just like your campaigns.  

Talent, Tools, and Technologies

There is no need for a global talent acquisition pool to overwhelm you. Among the plenty of opportunities on crowdsourcing platforms, freelancer websites, and HR experts, you can pinpoint those that harmonize with your business objectives. Then you need to add workflow tools and supportive technologies. 

So the process is strategy—people—tools.

If you have the strategy and the people, the tools and the technologies will support you. 

How do you get from a business idea to a business strategy?

How do you hire the right people and use the right tools to bring business results with scalabale virtual teams?

We can help you answer confusing questions and grow more confident in your talent acquisition management skills.

Click below to take the free virtual training! 


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