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Virtual Team Building Activities: Energizers You Can Implement Today

Virtual team building is not identical to what you can do in an office. You cannot organize outdoor virtual team building activities and have your team highly engaged in sports. Team building for remote teams is online. Each employee sits alone in their virtual cubicle (home office) while trying to maintain team cohesiveness and the feeling

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Soft Skills For Developers: Things You Can Improve On Today

Soft skills for developers are frequently underestimated by recruiters. And who can blame them? Technology is changing rapidly. Coding is overwhelmed with short-term projects that ask for the best technical acumen a person can offer. Successful project delivery massively depends on how good the developer software skills are. 

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10 Ways to Improve Virtual Team Hierarchy with Flash Teams

“Distribution of power in groups is nothing new. Hierarchical structures have been with us since the dawn of time. In time, things have turned more elaborate, and when technology and globalization enriched connections and simplified remote communication, the world of work naturally became smaller. Organizations have adopted a whole new level of interwoven competencies and responsibilities. If our ancestors had to collaborate and compete in small-scale areas, on essential life tasks, and with a handful of people, for virtual teams, hierarchy and collaboration is a global, complex phenomenon”.

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What Trustless Virtual Teams and Airplane Pilots Have in Common

Trustless virtual teams can be a hard pill to swallow for dispersed organizations.Can we really find a system to cement trust and check it out on the list of virtual teams advantages and disadvantages in the modern workplace? Transparency and trust are critical when working on a global digital market and, unless supported by complex legal agreements, trust is assumed and often taken for granted.But ties built for a long time during multiple joint projects which coexist with the comfort of the known can be a challenge for virtual teams.

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