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5 Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

As a common water cooler topic or a conversation starter between friends, managing workplace stress is a problem for almost everyone. But can talking about stress at work help you deal with it? Yes, to release some of the burdens and ease down the symptoms. No, if you want to cut to the core of

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How to Create Structure with a Flexible Work Schedule

Starting work late.  Getting enough sleep and not depending on the alarm clock.  Having time for family in the mornings.  Scheduling the workout before work.  Logging off early and having a dinner hangout with friends – what a bliss!  Getting a long lunch break and continuing with the work late in the evening when you

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Coaching as a Leadership Style on Virtual Teams

What is your leadership style? There — you are all questions. Many get confused when asked this question because it is hard for oneself to fit into one leadership style box. You may think of yourself as a directional or a situational leader. And you probably aren’t thinking of yourself as a coach. But adopting coaching as a leadership style will

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How to Fix the Skills Gap with Freelancers

Understanding the skills gap is vital for your business to thrive. Artificial intelligence, automation, and the gig economy have changed the nature of work. Skills gap statistics show that 60% of employers advertise new positions that remain open for 12 weeks. You have probably skimmed through headlines that state a visible gap of skills in

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Managing Virtual Teams in the 21st Century and Beyond

Managing virtual teams is in many aspects similar to local team leadership. However, your leadership style needs to be adapted to fit into the rules of digital organizations. You need to deal with geographical, cultural, and language constraints. Tools will be different. Video communication is unlike face-to-face chats. Although it is unlikely that you will still

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Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Virtual Flash Teams?

In today’s new work order, those who can deliver projects faster and cost-efficiently win the game. Clients are smarter; they want more value and require transparency in all stages of their projects’ lifecycle. The lack of access to the right talent presents a big problem to many who may shy away from going digital with their business. While sourcing has matured and the scope of new deals are shrinking, a rising demand for vetted experts grows. Who can deliver solutions rapidly with as little resistance and disruption as possible?

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