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What Trustless Virtual Teams and Airplane Pilots Have in Common

Trustless virtual teams can be a hard pill to swallow for dispersed organizations.Can we really find a system to cement trust and check it out on the list of virtual teams advantages and disadvantages in the modern workplace? Transparency and trust are critical when working on a global digital market and, unless supported by complex legal agreements, trust is assumed and often taken for granted.But ties built for a long time during multiple joint projects which coexist with the comfort of the known can be a challenge for virtual teams.

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Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Virtual Flash Teams?

In today’s new work order, those who can deliver projects faster and cost-efficiently win the game. Clients are smarter; they want more value and require transparency in all stages of their projects’ lifecycle. The lack of access to the right talent presents a big problem to many who may shy away from going digital with their business. While sourcing has matured and the scope of new deals are shrinking, a rising demand for vetted experts grows. Who can deliver solutions rapidly with as little resistance and disruption as possible?

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