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Digital Transformation Strategy: How to Rescue Your Business with Virtual Teams

Due to the giant change accompanying digital transformation strategy examples in the real world, most managers are unprepared to refresh theirs for the new work. A business strategy that relies on processes happening on a computer screen can be intimidating. When your team members show up as virtual profiles or via Zoom calls, work can

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What’s a Consultation Process: Why Consultants Always Lie to You [UPDATED 2020]

How can you be fully transparent in consulting when transparency and clarity are based on having the right information that you do not always have? This is why we approach the consultation process at Flash Hub a bit differently.

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8 Simple Agency Scaling Secrets for Remote Teams

Have you tried to scale your agency many times in the past without success?Have you failed to do so even when spending long sleepless nights and expenses piling up?Have you been held back by staff issues and unsupportive technologies in running “business as usual”?Have you lost projects because you were too focused on managing teams?How about using immensely flexible, elastic, on-demand expert skills to ensure you can run a high-performing remote workforce without distracting you from your main business goals and without increasing the complexity of managing virtual teams?

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Customer Success: Key Driver for Growth of On-Demand Digital Agencies 

According to the Holmes-Rahe life stress inventory, being fired at work comes at position number eight on a list of 43 most stressful life events. The dreadful dismissal notice is a difficult experience, on both ends – for the manager giving it, and for the employee receiving it. However difficult it may be, it signifies a change of circumstances everyone needs to address. Businesses are driven by their customer success, and when a customer needs an alternative to how things have been done in the past in order to grow, project halt and people need to be let go. It’s a tough call for the company and for the people, but customer success needs to be given its due attention.

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