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Do You Need to Follow the “5 Roles In a Team” Rule by the Book?

You need a new team, not now but yesterday. The one you have doesn’t meet the objectives of a new goal. A team member left. A new project gets underway.  You wonder if you have the slightest idea how many people you need and what their job description will be, let alone know their full

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How to Improve the Agile Scrum Team Structure with Flash Teams [UPDATED 2020]

Agile teams turned the project management world upside down. When it first emerged, the agile methodology set a new vision for solving common people-software challenges. Project managers were heavily concentrated on deliverables and often forgot to factor in human behavior and environmental impact in rigid project structures. It became obvious that in the unpredictable digital world that’s growing in size and complexity, the simple linear, for instance, downfall work hierarchies just didn’t work anymore.

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