How Lizza Scaled Their Marketing Team With Freelancers

Matthias Kramer, Co-Founder & CEO, is sharing their success story with us.


We’re a German company with a funding of €3M and more than €10m in sales. We rely on our online shop as well as on our marketing team to grow our sales on a monthly basis. Due to the heavy demand for talent, we faced a gap in our team in many positions such as marketing, graphic design, accounting, and other business-critical operations.
We saw a presentation of Flash Hub and are confident that working in virtual teams will solve many of our staffing challenges. However, we ourselves lack experience on boarding and managing virtual teams. Just having access to people is not enough. We need a reliable system to support our virtual teams with the right tools and workflows.

Manuel Pistner
Manuel Pristner, Founder of Flash Hub

We joined Flash Hub as a customer one week after the initial presentation. After 3 days we were able to start replacing our local operations with virtual experts, and we’ve seen exponential growth in all fields ever since.

What Flash Hub does

With Flash Hub we provide the following services to let customer scale reliably with virtual teams of global freelancer. The service includes the following:

  1. Roles & Skills: We create a blueprint of your team and define the right roles and the needed skillset from the beginning.
  2. Workflows: We define workflows that provide your and your team with clarity and control over results.
  3. Tools: We set up and integrate best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency. Also we support you with transparency trough automated feedback from your team members on the project updates on a recurring base.
  4. Freelancers: We extend your virtual team with selected, pre-assessed freelancers to make your workforce truly scale.
  5. Support: we support you with our expert team to help you grow the performance of your virtual team consistently and make you succeed as a digital leader.

Facts & Figures

Flash Hub optimized all campaigns and focused them on sales to achieve quick results. All the channels that Flash Hub Virtual Marketing Team is running are showing a more than double increase in results:

+100% Users
+110% New Users
+116% Sessions
+161% Revenue
+124% Transactions
+271% Campaign Revenue
+216% Campaign Transactions
+16% Avg Order Value
+717% Sales attributed to marketing

Analytics Report
Analytics Report, April – September 2019 vs April – September 2018

Flash Hub brings people, experience, tools and workflows that help us to grow our company and succeed with Virtual Teams. The support of Flash Hub and the tools and templates helped us to start hiring directly without any upfront investment.

We no longer are pressured by high employee turnover, that comes with the local war of talent.

We are delighted to support the virtual teams movement and the Flash Hub service.