How Comm-Press and Bright Solutions transformed into a virtual agency

Manuel Pistner and Ralf Handel, founders and CEO of Bright Solutions and Bright Solutions Hamburg (former Comm-Press)

Bright Solutions was a digital agency for web and mobile app development and has grown to 43 employees till 2018. Initiated by a huge project crash cause by constant staff shortages and project bottlenecks, Bright Solutions started its transformation into a global virtual organization of over 150 freelancer – in 6 month.
From 2019 on, the former agency “Comm-Press GmbH” which was lead and founded by CEO Ralf Hendel, join the journey early. Comm-Press hat to fight with the same problems as most agencies do:

  • Ever increasing complexity in digital projects
  • Fast increasing turnover related to the local staff shortage
  • Either to few employees or to few projects
  • Little to no flexibility to scale with projects and stay profitable

See how Flash Hub was born out of a crash

How Flash Hub transformed Comm-Press

Building a flexible and scalable full service agency requires structured communication, transparent and reliable workflows and cloud tools that foster global collaboration as well as access to selected global expert freelancer.

With Flash Hub, Comm-Press was able to migrate all their projects to global virtual teams and increase their business and profitability. Instead of beeing limited in skills and capacity of a local team, Comm-Press is now a full service digital agency (now merged to Bright Solutions Hamburg GmbH) that is able to provide any digital services that customer require, from software development of any technology, operations support to digital marketing.

We joined Flash Hub as a customer one month after we heard from this new way of working and from the success of Bright Solutions in Darmstadt. The flexibility that we got by working with Flash Hub changed the way we work and gave us the flexibility and confidence that we where missing desperately.
We’ve learned how to work in clearly structured, agile and digital processes and how to leverage the access of global knowledge to make our customers more successful and our agency more flexible and profitable.
The experience and knowledge of Flash Hub gave us clear guidance about tools, workflows and methods to build a digital leadership system that lets our agency scale with every new project. After one year we’ve worked with Flash Hub in over 15 projects.

“I never want to go back to the old way of leading a digital agency” (Ralf Hendel, Founder and CEO of Comm-Press GmbH)

See the statement of Ralf Hendel at LinkedIn (translated into english as follows)

“During this transformation, we have learned to serve our customers exclusively with virtual teams and are expected to generate even more revenue with less fulltime employees than before.
In the past, I have not been able to set clear goals. On the other hand, I used to bend over backwards out of empathy with the employees and also out of concern that I wouldn’t be able to keep them in the company, until in the end I didn’t even know what I wanted to achieve with the agency and where I wanted to take the organization.
In the past, I have experienced personal responsibility with employees in such a way that they found it great to be able to decide everything themselves, but they did not want to be responsible for anything.
With Flash Hub finally our agency scales, is profitable and can deliver full service to ur customers.”

Ralf Hendel, founder and CEO of Comm-Press (now named Bright Solutions Hamburg GmbH)


What Flash Hub does

With Flash Hub we provide the following services to let customer scale reliably with virtual teams of global freelancer. The service includes the following:

  1. Roles & Skills: We create a blueprint of your team and define the right roles and the needed skillset from the beginning.
  2. Workflows: We define workflows that provide your and your team with clarity and control over results.
  3. Tools: We set up and integrate best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency. Also we support you with transparency trough automated feedback from your team members on the project updates on a recurring base.
  4. Freelancers: We extend your virtual team with selected, pre-assessed freelancers to make your workforce truly scale.
  5. Support: we support you with our expert team to help you grow the performance of your virtual team consistently and make you succeed as a digital leader.

Flash Hub helped us as a strong partner to succeed with Virtual Teams.

Meanwhile we are no longer driven by high employee turnover and by not beeing able to find the right experts at the time when new projects need them. All typical bottlenecks, that local agencys know from their every day’s business are forever gone.

That was a true success!