” The support of Flash Hub and the tools and templates helped us to start hiring directly without any upfront investment. We no longer are pressured by high employee turnover, that comes with the local war of talent. We are delighted to support virtual teams movement and the Flash Hub service. ”
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Matthias Kramer

Founder and CEO of Lizza (E-Commerce Startup)

Cocomore AG

” Working with Flash Hub has allowed Cocomore to be more flexible in terms of capacity and competencies. At the same time it helps to kick-start and scale freelance teams on our Vicoland platform. Great initiative, well executed! “

Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg

CEO and Founder of Cocomore AG (digital agency) and Vicoland GmbH (SaaS)


” Thanks to Flash Hub, we were able to increase our development capacities significantly and in a very short time, enabling us to tackle projects that could not have been realized in the same time frame. From today’s point of view, virtual teams have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. “

Tamir Ganbayar

Product Owner Vertical Cloud Solutions GmbH (SaaS startup)

Kuehlhaus AG

” With Flash Hub we are able to scale our team on demand and have no struggles with HR, tools and workflows. This systematic approach helps us to bridge the talent gap and deliver to our customers an extended portfolio of technologies. “

Christian Reschke

CEO and Founder of Kuehlhaus AG (Digital Agency)

Bright Solutions

During this transformation, we have learned to serve our customers exclusively with virtual teams and are expected to generate even more revenue with less fulltime employees than before. I never want to go back to the old way of leading a digital agency.
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Ralf Hendel

CEO Bright Solutions Hamburg (former Comm-Press Agency)

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