How You Can

Grow a
With Global Freelancers

... that can scale profitably and relibaly in any market situation.
You'll NEVER have to suffer from staff shortages or too high fixed costs again!

Do you have some of these challenges?

🛑Finding new employees takes you 3 to 6 month and is often a trade-off caused by a lack of alternatives

🛑You try to utilize your full time employees at any price to keep them productive

🛑You feel high dependencies on individual employees and no alternatives

🛑You're constantly trying to keep employees happy, satisfied and stay with you

🛑You're fighting for new talent against big corporates that can afford much higher salaries

🛑Your business' profitability is unpredictable depending on revenues going up or down

🛑You're working 10,12,14 hours per day trying to grow further and fix what your team couldn't

🛑You're feeling huge pressure through high fixed costs when revenues go down and costs stay

🛑You feel stressed from fighting all these fires

...that's what you'll get with this strategy

✅Finding new real experts takes you only 5-10 days while growing a strong, committed and efficient team

✅You'll hire freelancers only when you need them and when your revenues cover their costs

✅You'll work free and independently from individuals with self determined freelancers and employees

✅You'll hire self motivated, independent freelancers, that love their job

✅You'll work with global talent that prefers your smaller, flexible and personal business

✅Your business's profitability is predictable in times of hyper growth and in times of crisis

✅You'll be able to run your 0.5-10 Mio revenue business with 2-4 hours work per day

✅You'll be able adjusting costs according to revenues to stay profitable without firing anybody

✅You'll work relaxed in full control over your business, like me having the time to even build another business that helps you to achieve the same 🙂

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