Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit durch virtuelle Teams

Startups need flexibility and speed

Founders of startups are often faced with the challenge of developing not only their product and their customers, but also the team that carries and should carry the entire growth  forward.
For the success of your startup it is essential to have the right employees ready to work at the right time at economic prices when you need them. Flexibility, appropriate know-how and experience as well as speed are the drivers for successful growth. Especially if you have ambitious goals, you will quickly reach your limits with a classic team setup.

Finding the right employees is becoming difficult

Finding the right employees is often difficult to impossible or you may find good people at often high salaries, but you don’t need them full-time, only during certain phases of your growth. And the faster your start-up grows, the faster you need other skills, other know-how and more capacity in the team. With a static team this becomes almost impossible and at some point you come to the point where you are more concerned with internal problems than you can focus on your product, your customers and building your business.

Local teams simply don't scale

The core of the problem that many startups that still have local teams are facing is this: companies with local teams simply don’t scale. Local teams are not flexible enough for an increasingly dynamic market environment in which your startup operates. With a new project, a new funding round or a new large customer you are lacking the capacity and you are looking for new employees or you switch to expensive partners, then the phase is over and the new fixed costs eat up your budget faster than you would like. Since you cannot always control the “arrival and departure” of your employees or your customer purchase orders reliably and predictably, most companies are not flexible enough for this double-sided uncontrollable dynamic.

The flexible cost structure is easy on your budget

With the strategy that I am presenting to you here, you will always manage to have the right employees through the systematic use of virtual teams of global freelancers and with a digital leadership system you will succeed in managing virtual teams with full transparency and control. In addition, with the strategy for startups it is possible to use and plan your budgets more efficiently by being able to flexibly adjust fixed costs, exactly as the current market environment and the current growth phase allow. This also reduces the pressure of too high fixed costs, which means less stress, especially at the beginning, and thus a higher focus in the founding team.

Global skills and know-how as growth engine

However, consistent digitization with the right tools, methods and workflows also provides access to global know-how – with the transparency and control you need to manage your teams’ results. This gives you the chance to build a digital leadership system for your start-up that allows you to systematically manage your local teams and at the same time opens the door to the reliable use of virtual teams of global freelancers. The world becomes your talent pool and flexible access to the right know-how becomes your growth engine.

Now let us look together how we can use this moment to implement this system in your start-up.

About Manuel Pistner

Manuel Pistner has long sought a way out of the dilemma of the shortage of skilled workers – and finally found one in 2018. Through the increasingly consistent use of virtual teams of global freelancers in marketing and software development, we have developed a system that makes digitally working teams flexibly scalable with full transparency and control – for all common technologies and marketing areas.

With Flash Hub, we make these possibilities available to other startups and all those who want to experience projects and campaigns without bottlenecks.

The plan for your startup

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