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Role definition template

Define the role properly that you want to delegate to freelancers or remote employees.


Job post template

Copy&past your role definition into this job post template.


Task delegation template

Define your expectations and requirements to delegate single tasks.


Interview questions

Use proven interview questions to check if the candidate is the right fit for you.


Onboarding checklist

The right onboarding for new team members is crucial. With this checklist you get it right and don’t miss important steps.

In this video training you’ll learn to use virtual teams and global freelancers to

  1. Systemize and digitize your business
  2. Build and lead self-managing teams
  3. Win skilled talent with ease
  4. Win new clients with ease
  5. Increase your profitability
  6. Reduce your workload
  7. Get reliable results from freelancers

And finally learn to use virtual teams and global freelancers to escape this typical “Hamster-Wheel” of always having not enough talent or not enough clients and high stress with this double-sided dependency.

This is especially effective if you lead a service business like an agency, a consulting- or a coaching business.

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