Service productization is a business strategy that lets you develop specific high-value productized offers for the dream clients that can systematically grow your business over time. 

Productization of services does not mean selling products. It means selling clearly defined services with the same price, scope, and quality. Your clients know what they get immediately when they see your offer and don’t need to ask multiple questions or hold expensive meetings to define service parameters.

Service productization is what will clearly distinguish you from competitors.

When someone visits ten different websites and finds the one well-defined productized offers the light bulb goes on: 

”A-ha! This is the company that will solve the specific problem I struggle with.” 

What is Service Productization?

Service productization is the process of creating productized offers with expert skills and know-how that show exact deliverables. 

In the business of consulting or digital marketing services, it is easy to get lost in client requirements. But if you are clear in what you have to offer, you attract the right clients with high-value sales pitches without chasing every customer and every sale out there. 

The problem and the solution ideally match themselves. In the densely populated digital landscape bursting with service solutions businesses and clients with similar but not identical problems, this is the silo you don’t want to miss.

Productized services don’t sell by magic. With the right productization framework based on AI and automation, you can bring skilled people to serve the dream client base.

How to Do Productization of Services

Productized services are services crafted and customized per the requirements of your dream client.

Instead of tweaking all your skilled services for each individual client, you package your best service solutions to sell them repeatedly to your clients.

service productization benefits

Service Productization Benefits 

How do you benefit from service productization? 

  • Raises your sales confidence levels as you have pre-packaged productized offers.   
  • Lowers costs for generating new offers every time you meet a potential new client.
  • Weeds out leaches. Leaches are indecisive clients that orbit around your offers and spend time on consultations without the intention to buy.
  • Maximizes the value of repetitive services. Repetitive services are your piggybanks. You can sell them over and over again once you define that they provide high value to your clients.
  • Decreases CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). 
  • Increases CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).  

The begin a service productization business, you need to understand the key differences between services and products, and how to transform the first into the second. 

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