You have probably heard about SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. Moreover, you are probably using one. The “everything-as-a-service” business model helps providers serve their clients on a non-ownership basis. 

But what about SaaP (Service as a Product)? Why is everyone so interested in productized services?

Let’s start with a simple definition:

Service as a product is a business model in which a vendor productizes services by giving services the characteristics of a product. 

Products vs. Services

The differences between a service and a product are best identified when dealing with physical products.

However, digital services have several advantages over physical services that make them more likely to be easily transformed into digital products.

Both products and services carry an element of each other, thus creating difficulties for service providers to know what exactly is the object of sale. 

We are here to help you clarify those differences and begin selling productized services. 

service as a product

If you want to turn a service into a product, you need to enhance its product characteristics, i.e. to “productize it” or transform its service characteristics into product characteristics.

Productizing services lets you provide greater value to the customer by emphasizing the hidden personalized interactive value of each service. 

How to Turn a Service into a Product

Productizing a service will put the following challenges in front of you: 

  • Streamline and systemize your operations so that the solutions you provide are easy for you and so beneficial for your clients that they come back to work with you. 
  • Build an automated sales funnel that runs independently of your involvement for only 2-3 hours a day.
  • Create a work environment with focus, clarity, and independence. 
  • Create an HR funnel for skilled talent with automated onboarding and job training.
  • Get new high-quality leads every day that are really interested in your service.
  • Oversee work instead of doing work.

Learn more about turning a service into a product.

Grab your free productization framework: 

free productization framework


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