There is no one correct answer to the question of how to sell digital marketing services. Digital marketing agencies find hundreds of ways to package and offer digital marketing, consulting, and branding. If such versatility makes you even more confused, here is a solution that works almost every time without exception. 

The failsafe method for selling digital marketing services is productization.

how to sell digital marketing services with productization
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 How to Package and Sell Digital Marketing Services with Productization

Making products out of services is niche-specific. You have to offer a service you do better than many others. But what every productization strategy has in common is the method to package and pitch services, which includes the following steps: 

1. Increase visibility.

Build a strong digital presence by interacting more often online, highlighting the functionality of your offerings, making your brand more social, and developing a unique voice. Create digital service package examples that include interaction, functionality, social presence, and uniqueness as key elements. 

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2. Work on building relationships.

Traditional sales pitches for digital marketing services don’t work anymore.

Back in time, let’s say ten years ago, it was enough to show up on the market with an attractive offer, and you would land your first client.

Now, that approach is simply not enough. Selling digital marketing services is not a one-off event. It is not a business fling. Purchases come out as a result of building trust in the service provider. The greater value required on behalf of the service seller to build that trusted relationship is the advantage that can be packaged in the productized marketing offer.  

3. Be helpful.

Modern clients are smart, demanding, and sophisticated. They don’t just buy into anything. You build trust by being helpful. Help by solving someone’s problem.

How can you tell what your customer’s problems are? Here comes the answer: 

4. Ask about your client’s goals.

If you don’t know what are your client’s unmet needs and unsolved problems, ask about their goals.

A goal-focused approach lets you package digital marketing services in a way that points at solutions.

Clients may fail to identify problems and obstacles on the way to their goals. 

Let’s say your client’s goal is to win new clients for their business. But they have no clue why the revenue in the last quarter is constantly dropping. Your task is to provide insight into why this is happening and offer a solution.

For example, the client lacks the tools to use social media marketing as a lead generation method. Package the productized marketing service offer in a way that clearly states achieved goals. This is what captures the client’s interest.    

5. Provide freedom and independence.

Every entrepreneur aspires to greater autonomy and freedom

Infuse value in your services by pitching them in a way that makes your client’s life easier. Do not explain the process. Explain the achievement and the aspiration. One way is to explain how your marketing services generate more time in your client’s life. For example, help your client maximize the value of life priorities by investing more time in them.  

6. Focus on sub-groups.

Digital marketing is a large industry. If you plan to sell digital marketing services to everyone, you’ll sell to no one. Use customer segmentation to target specific client personas based on your generic ideal client. Then, create digital marketing packages and customize your messaging.   

7. Offer optimization and scaling packages.

When you package digital marketing services into compelling productized offers, you’re only about a third done. 

Scaling a product gives it stability and sustainability and adds the other two thirds.

Productized services require iterations to respond to market requirements, incorporate user feedback into the next iteration, and solve user needs better than before.

With a series of agile iterations, you can scale a product to meet your audience’s changing needs and available resources. This will ensure you thrive under any circumstances.  

how to sell digital marketing services with agile
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8. Show proof of results. 

Client testimonials and personal success stories will help you sell digital marketing services more effectively by increasing trust between you and your client. 

9. Build an automated sales funnel. 

All of the above sounds like a lot of work if you have to do every step manually.

Automated funnel platforms with free features can provide unlimited free users and free online storage, sales reporting and email marketing, full sales cycle tracking, and task management capabilities.

All you have to do is have the team skills to package high-quality digital marketing services into high-value offers. 

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