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...and you'll always have the right people with the right skills and the right availability in your teams.

Triggered by a huge project crash as a result of a fast growing business and constant staff shortages from 2012-2018 I’ve transformed my local business with 43 local full-time employees into a global virtual team with over 150 freelancers.

THAT CHANGED THE GAME COMPLETELY! No more staff shortages, no more lack of skills and capacity.

You can avoid the same drama and take the shortcut today.

We could even
grow our team
400% in only 6 months!

This system got awarded the "Seal of Excellence" by the European Commission in 2018

How Lizza Scaled Their Team To +20 freelancers in 12 months and increased revenues by 161%


For clients and ourselves, we've hired over 1.300 freelancers and built global successful teams for any kind of digital work (since 2015). We are happy to show you use cases that fit to your situation.


We help you build an on-demand workforce, a rock-solid leadership system and a talent pool of tried and tested freelancers.

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P.S. Freelancer rates start from min. 30 EUR per hour. We don't support requests for lower prices as we focus on quality and fair payment.