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With this method, we got a crystal clear strategy, implemented it, and achieved 161% revenue growth in just 6 months.

Mathias Kramer

Copy my leadership system that was the key success factor for building a happy and loyal "self-managing team" of 
158 people.

Hi, I'm Manuel,

I got so tired of useless strategies that are only designed to confuse me and fail in execution without ever delivering a new client.

The harsh reality I found was:

1) Costs for marketing constantly go up

2) The complexity of digital marketing is very high

3) Growing competition makes it hard to stand out in the market

4) Most individual marketing strategies are useless as they can't be practically implemented and don't create measurable results

That's why many business owners and marketing managers in E-Com, SaaS or service-based businesses never succeed online.

I only followed random hacks that are not based on a consistent strategy and I never got measurable results.

Even worse: I didn't even know why nothing worked, nobody could really tell me and I was almost about to give up.

Finally, in 2018 I found a systematic and yet simple way to grow successfully online.

Today, all my businesses grow with online marketing, funnels and campaigns generating over 4 Million EUR in revenue every year. 

This success started once we discovered a very systematic way to win client online using microtests and AI.

We call this system "Progressive Funnels".

It is the most systematic and data-driven way we found to build and optimize automated sales funnels and get measurable results from day 1.

You don't need to hire agencies or service providers. 

You can simply create it yourself.

No guesswork.

You can create your sales funnel with millions of data points using a simple structure and the power of AI - in just a few hours.

AI is your smartest and fastest consultant and you get knowledge and market insights most consultants don't have (but they don't tell you).

The result is a simple yet very powerful strategy and content that is so well structured that it can be implemented online starting with a very small budget and with low risk using our Microtest Framework and AI tools. The consistency create by our structured AI tools will ensure high lead- and sales conversion rates.

Flash Hub GmbH © Copyright 2022


The exact funnel structure with step-by-step implementation guidelines and AI support

With the following steps you can create your automated sales system using "Progressive Funnels".

1) AI-based offers generator to build a high-value offer and your perfect target client profile

With our AI-based offer generator and a sales funnel KPI simulator, we walk you through a step-by-step process to identify your most valuable service offers and package them together into a high-value-high-price offer. Our AI generator will do all the market research for you and find the perfect client profile for your offer.

With our sales funnel simulator, we'll create your entire funnel strategy with a KPI simulation for every step and optimize your sales system for high profits before your implementation. Knowing your profit-KPIs you know exactly where your sales funnel needs optimization (hope and random hacks will be gone!)

2) Generate your sales funnel with AI

You’ll get access to our AI-based sales funnel generator and hands-on instructions with personal support to generate high-converting content for your ads, your landing pages, videos, emails and everything you need to attract, excite and close clients. You can be sure, your content is psychologically built to convert strangers to paying clients.

3) Testing and validating your funnel with Microtests

With 6 microtests you’ll validate your strategy on Facebook (yes, your audience is on Facebook, too ;-)). Microtesting is a very systematic process to develop your best ad that will attract the right clients for you and get deep insights into what your potential clients really want from you. 
Optional: we have trained, tried and tested freelancers in our network that you can hire to delegate the work. They are proven to deliver fast results.

4) Systematic optimization

With your tried and tested ad as a traffic source, you’ll set up your landing page and optimize it systematically to achieve a conversion rate of min 15% for your offer. We'll help you filter your leads systematically so that you get high-quality leads and requests for your services.

5) Scripted sales process

We provide you or your sales team with a proven scripted sales process to achieve high closing rates in sales calls. You’ll also get access to a sales KPI tracking template to stay on top of your own sales performance or delegate sales ownership and accountability to salespeople. 

Jessie Hemskerk

After a very short time I had 8 high-ticket clients and more requests than I can handle. It's going really well for me.

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How We Build You An Automated Sales Funnel With AI
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