Instead of providing a customized solution upon each close contact with a new client, a productized consulting business offers pre-defined consulting services to a target audience. The five benefits of working with productized consulting services are:

  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • No back and forth proposals
  • Reduced negotiation time
  • Streamlined work processes 

1. Transparency

One of the top advantages of selling productized consulting services is transparency. Clients often feel they pay unfair prices or that consultants are overcharging them for something they don’t need.

Specified consulting packages with descriptive service scope and parameters productize consulting services, assuring clients that they receive high value. 

2. Trust

Productized consulting is a ”walk the talk” business model.

Clients get a “what you see is what you get” proof and are drawn to come back to the provider for more value.

Such transparency establishes trust between the provider and the client. It grows both parties’ confidence in the choice they have made because of the mutual satisfaction about solving a problem.     

3. No back and forth proposals

Let’s say you are selling marketing services. When you create customized solutions, a lot of time goes into communicating with the client to tweak the proposal until it becomes satisfactory.

In the end, both the client and the marketing provider are so tired and overwhelmed that they wonder if they went with the right partner in the first place and whether all that back and forth was worth the trouble.

Productized marketing services let you complete the customization beforehand and get rid of the hamster-wheel feeling that you can never meet current market demands. 

Productizing consulting services doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. But it does mean you can incorporate the right improvement for the right price, the right value, and the right client.  

The improvement-price-value-client alignment is the core of a productization strategy that allows businesses to scale simply and profitably. 

productized consulting services

4. Reduced negotiation time

Time is a strategic component in negotiating, which means you can use it for more successful negotiations. Instead of investing a lot of time to write down exhaustive offers with thousands of perks or talking too much, too many times per day in energy-sapping meetings, you can use that time to be as clear as possible about your best productized consulting offers. 

5. Streamlined work processes 

As you get to know about your clients and how best to solve their problems, you also get to polish internal processes. Streamlined work processes follow defined quality standards, are easy to adjust to new hires, and can be run automatically (or automated).  

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