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Manuel Pistner

Hi, I'm Manuel Pistner, a service-based business owner like you.

If you want to productize your service, here's the fastest way I found since 2012 while growing my own business (agency and consulting business) to 7 figures. Since 2020 I helped over 700 other business owners productize their services to grow revenues and profits without growing workload and stress.

Here are the steps:

1) We find your most valuable service
You simply tell us which clients you already worked with, what you did for them and which clients you like most. We'll extract the most valuable service from your experience, a service that is easy to sell at premium prices.

2) We define your USP and value and package your service into a high-value productized offer with a message that attracts the perfect-fit client for your business and that makes you stand out from your competitors. 

3) We define the deliverables of your main offer to set proper expectations for your clients, make it easy for them to work with you, charge high prices and prepare your service to be delivered by your team, automation and AI.

4) We recommend a profitable pricing model for your productized offer so that you get high profits - high enough to allow for spending enough money on paid ads, winning more clients, scaling up and getting the profits and freedom you want.

5) We create a sales script for you to make it easy and "pressure-free" for you to enroll new clients. The script is psychologically leading your client to the purchase without pressure. If you scaled enough, you can delegate the sales closing to team members, the script will make it easy for them to close with high closing rates.

6) We show you how to build an automated sales funnel to attract your perfect-fit clients for your offer. If you want, we consult you, coach you, set up all tools with you, and create content and copy for ads and landing pages for you or with you using our AI tools.

7) We show you how to delegate and automate service delivery for your productized offer using systems, AI and freelancers so you can grow, grow, grow and grow your revenues and profit without working more hours.

That's it. 

Minimum work for you and fast results ready to scale up with high profits and relaxed workdays.

If you want to 
start an easier and more profitable way to grow your service-based business

- Without wasting time on coaching programs that don't deliver
- Without watching endless videos that don't keep their promise
- Without jumping on calls with people that have no clue about your business as they never did it themselves...

Don't let the "parrots" out there steal your valuable time.
We have the fast lane you are looking for.

No guesswork. 

No complexity. 

No hidden strings attached.

Do you want to jump on a 1-on-1 call to discuss details and pricing?

Just click the link below, fill out the form to provide me with some details, and request your 1-on-1 call and we'll have a meeting as 2 business owners talking about real results, prices and the process to get you the 
result with our success guarantee.

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No project ever went like it was supposed to. Finally, we were able to reduce failures by 90% and my team works without me.

Boris S. (video proof below)

I  started from 0 and now I have a productized offer, a full pipeline of clients and a team supporting me.

Jessi H. (video proof below)

With our productized offer, the right clients come in as a perfect fit. Stress and workload reduced big time!

Inge C. (video proof below)

Winning clients was really the hardest part of growing my business. Today, the perfect-fit clients flow in naturally with our productized service offer.

Tom W. (video proof below)

Clients always negotiated prices. Now they buy without discussions and I already increased my prices 6 times.

Marius T. (video proof below)

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Here's what other clients achieved with their productized services

How We Create A

Productize Service For Your Business make it easy for you to sell and deliver quality results with high profits and relaxed workdays.