A productization framework allows you to identify and package that value in such a way that both you and your clients finally see what you did wrong in the past.

Tonnes of value that could end up in the hands of clients get lost in service complexity. Solopreneurs, consultants, coaches, marketing service providers, and freelancers are stuck in the constant battle of more clients vs. higher costs and more stress. 

Running a productized service business adds progressive value for clients and boosts an essential business metric – CLV (Customer Lifetime Value).

Service productization is a strategy by itself. It includes building a productization framework you can reuse as you scale your business.

3-Component Productization Framework

This productization strategy example includes three productized offers that will help you productize any service business regardless of its complexity. If you are ready to do the work, here is where to begin:

No-Brainer Productized Offer

  • Describes what makes your business stand out among the competitors
  • Includes low risk for you and your client
  • Pays for itself
  • Gets their problem solved in record time
  • Establishes trust because of the excellent result you achieve 

The no-brainer offer is an entry offer that sends a compelling invitation for the main Solution offer. 

Solution Productized Offer

Preparation for this main Solution offer has been set with the no-brainer offer. The No-brainer offer paid the client acquisition cost. 

The Solution offer is aligned with the No-brainer offer. Furthermore, it adds new value with clear features and processes that you have created after the Entry offer gave results. The Solution offer implements the key solution because it solves the main client’s problem related to the high-complexity processes requested by the client.

Maximization Offer

If a client bought a working solution from you, such as an app or a user interface, you get on top of things by implementing a KPI monitoring system and giving suggestions for improvements based on the tracked results. 

With this 3-component productization framework, you can: 

  • Build a repeatable optimization process
  • Get into the control seat
  • Add value month by month 
  • Develop long-term client relationships
  • Reuse the same delivery process

productization framework

Running a productized service business can be done on autopilot as long as you: 

1. Define your client’s problems and identify your client’s goals

How? Do this with an online search or by past client assessment

2. Create a solution

How? Add features to transform a problem into a solution

3. Validate your offer

How? Find 3 to 5 clients to check if the solution is up to the quality standards.

This productization framework can help you transform any complex services into three compelling productized offers. 

Click below to get the framework for free:

free productization framework


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