In only 2 weeks with 3 life sessions and full chat support you get the complete setup of your digital leadership system, roles defined, workflows, tools, task templates checklists and your individual quality standard set up and even the first freelancers hired.

This is your last chance to join my Virtual Team Challenge for only 99 EUR.

We can guide you individually 1 to 1 in the same process for 1500 EUR.

Here are all details about the 2 week Virtual Team Challenge


Monday, 12.04.2021 at 3:00PM CET – 5:00PM CET

Standardize offers
and services

  • Why productizing your service
  • How to win clients online
  • Define your target clients
  • Define your core services
  • Define your sales funnel
  • Prepare for high profitability
  • Homework of about 2-4 hours

Thursday, 15.04.2021 at 3:00PM CET – 5:00PM CET

Define your
team setup

  • Defining goals properly
  • Systematic team setup
  • Define meetings, reports and KPIs
  • 5 core principles of result driven teams
  • Defining your digital leadership system
  • Define your team setup (blueprint)
  • + Homework of about 2-4 hours

Monday, 19.04.2021 at 3:00PM CET – 5:00PM CET

System Setup

  • 3 team setup live coachings
  • Set up your leadership system
  • Transfer into your productive systems
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Creating job posts for freelancers
  • Interview and assessment of freelancers
  • Alignment of your goals and next steps
  • Homework of about 2-4 hours


Laser Focused

  • How to get laser focused
  • How to free your time for more results
  • How to get your team focused on KPIs
  • How to reduce stress
  • Managing focus-time with timeboxes
  • How to improve performance continuously

No Time?

With this offer and everything you get, you can even execute the process yourself if something comes in between.

AND: You get 2 weeks of personal chat support for your implementation.

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The sessions get recorded and you get access to all the materials.

You get 2 weeks of chat support

During 2 full weeks you get chat support from me, my co-founders and my HR team to get you answers to your questions FAST while working on your team setup.

There’s no way to get stuck, we are available from 9AM to 6PM on work days. We might reply even earlier and later, even during the weekend but with slower reaction time.

Getting hands on with me and start implementing the fundamentals of your high performing remote team that can scale with global freelancers will save you tons of time and mistakes and get you fast results with direct feedback from me and my team.

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