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Learn leading high performing remote teams
that can scale with global freelancers.

Get access to all 15 Videos of the Flash Hub Academy for only 39 EUR.

2 hours highly structured and highly focussed content will get you all the knowledge and preparation if you SERIOUSLY want to start building your virtual team to scale your work relioably with global freelancers.

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With the Flash Hub Academy you get the whole knowledge that helped me scale my team to over 150 global freelancers. This is the knowledge I’ve learned after I transformed 3 of my own businesses into a virtual team that can scale in skills, capacity and costs to get any kind of work done and even stay profitable during Corona with a highly flexible cost structure.

This is the content of all 15 Videos

πŸ‘‰1) The basics of successful virtual teams

πŸ‘‰2) Finding the right freelancers

πŸ‘‰3) Defining job-roles properly

πŸ‘‰4) Keeping your team focused

πŸ‘‰5) The 3 core roles of every team

πŸ‘‰6) Selecting the right tools

πŸ‘‰7) Scrum in virtual teams

πŸ‘‰8) Proper onboarding and offboarding

πŸ‘‰9) Delegating properly

πŸ‘‰10) Identifying performance risks

πŸ‘‰11) Effective communication

πŸ‘‰12) Improving team performance continuously

πŸ‘‰13) Giving effective feedback (to clients, employees and freelancers)

πŸ‘‰14) Time management with time boxes

πŸ‘‰15) Self-Organization hacks

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