If there is one life area in which you are most likely to make New Year’s resolutions and stick to them, that’s business.

Work goes amazingly well with creating plans, lists, and spreadsheets. More people tend to ace the no-excuses mentality when working on a realistic business New Year’s resolution list.

And they do it with greater success than when following an inspiring but a too-good-to-be-true personal diet and exercise plan.

Although responsibility and accountability are vital components of accomplishing your business (or any other) goals, you need to pick the right ones to keep yourself accountable.


Each remote business has its own set of unique New Year’s resolutions. However, there are steps you can undertake to improve your team’s success regardless of the specific circumstances of your company.

So, how do you compile a list of creative business resolutions for your remote team? There are so many factors you need to account for:

  • Localization constraints
  • Cultural differences
  • Language barriers
  • Technology obstacles
  • Growth needs vs. budget limitations

Additionally, a bunch of other common work issues keep cropping up while you need to focus on the few most important ones.

It is true that remote teams face unique challenges. But they also provide unique opportunities.

This top-10 New Year’s resolution list will not only boost your decision-making skills at times of stress but also provide fruitful possibilities.

New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Accomplish

The beginning of each year gives an extra impetus to your motivation. You’ll have the zest for accomplishments in the 365 days ahead.

1.Incisive Time Management.

The year’s end is a perfect moment for your time management health checkup.

  • Rehash milestones, create schedules, and set deadlines.
  • Think of the big picture goals.
  • Organize a throwback brainstorming session.
  • Evaluate how far you’ve come from the last year’s goals.
  • When numbers are on the table, goals are closer. Chop long-term plans into executable milestones. To persevere, integrate them into your business daily practice.
  • Revise annual, quarterly, and monthly goals.
  • Update your team on progress.

Don’t forget that setting deadlines creates a sense of urgency and incentivizes your remote team to show up to project tasks.


The entrepreneurs jumpstart a project by following a hunch. Problems show up when they start taking a huge workload.

You don’t need to do all yourself. If you want to grow your business, smarten up your delegation skills. Such action must find its place among your New Year’s resolutions.

Delegating a part of your responsibilities to team members liberates you to do what you’re best at. You can concentrate on polishing strategic business goals.

Move tasks you do reluctantly, time-consuming activities, and specific expert work to another person’s work schedule.


Whether it is a website review, changing a few KPIs in your marketing plan, testing a fresh email campaign, or a full review fo your business plan and digital strategy, use the start of this New Year to enhance your digital presence.

Trends move fast in the online world. How you deliver your brand’s message is crucial in remote work.

Tend to minor details, unify your brand’s message across products and services, and make sure your team understands the language of your business.


Communicating better is not only about developing and maintaining excellent relationships with your team, your stakeholders, and your customers.

Communication is also about “walking the talk”. It is about turning your words into actions. Instead of only sweet-talking your business partners and team member into your next project, make sure you follow up with real work.

Consistency is a key factor in business success. Enhanced communication is an outstanding way to show that you mean it.

In fact, you can always get better at communicating, and this is one goal that should remain on your New Year’s resolution list, year by year!


Among all metrics, deadlines, and numbers you need to manage on daily basis, it’s easy to forget about an essential number – cash! Use the year’s end to see whether you’ve stayed true to your initial cost calculation.

Practical goal realization doesn’t necessarily equal goals on paper. Money can fluctuate, get transferred, and reassigned.

But the cash flow shouldn’t induce spikes that are so stressful that they hinder the overall day-to-day workflow. Therefore, rebalance last year’s checkbooks to fit in the New Year’s business strategy.


They don’t call it “big data” for nothing! Digital automation tools amass so much data that it is unwise to let it all go to waste.

Data is important as it can establish the core base of your business and seed new sources of revenue as you identify ways to utilize it.

Whether it is content repurposing, keeping clean contact databases, or extensive social sharing, treat all data as value. Make no mistake that data will become even more precious as time goes by.


Customer engagement tools, such as progressive mobile platforms, social media, and chatbots provide superb opportunities to connect and engage with customers, as well as nurture lasting customer relationships.

Getting closer to your customers should be on top of your New Year’s resolution list. This is particularly vital when you work with a remote team and every inch of the digital space counts.

As each digital organization competes on the same market and strives for personalized offers of products and services, your customer community becomes a loyal tribe that aligns with your brand values and grants lucrative business contingency.


Ineffective processes thwart productivity. Each client you work requires a personalized way to streamline processes.

To manifest the best value from clients and maintain clarity and direction as you grow leads, integrate tools for streamlining processes into interactions. Treat your team members as clients and ensure straightforward task management with the least debris falling sideways.

Don’t fall into an automation rut, but also decide when it’s the time to stop experimenting with endless applications. Limit the number of tools to avoid duplication. January is an excellent month to weed out unproductive “productivity” tools.


As the New Year approaches, consider adding new people to your remote team.

  1. Did you hear about someone who could be a great addition to your project from a colleague?
  2. Have you missed exploring a new freelance platform?
  3. Do you struggle with a specific project goal and are in need of a different perspective?

Since many employees are also looking for a fresh start as the New Year lurks from around the corner, your perfect match may be just the right solution to transform the stalemate into new opportunities for expansion.


New Year’s festivities are a bonanza time. As the holiday cheer abounds, don’t forget to make recognition and acknowledgment a regular part of your work routine.

Expand celebrations to smaller successfully completed goals.

Give yourself a pat on the back, become your own cheerleader, and encourage your remote team at least once a month.

The New Year is a truly important time for anyone in the world, regardless of where they are. Use it as a reminder that, from time to time, opening the bubbly should definitely find itself among your business resolutions!


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