See some success from existing clients, you'll find the video testimonials below on this page

“I used to work 60-70h per week and my days were rather chaotic and stressful.
I reduced my workload to normal 40h per week and my employees can work more efficiently and independently from me which also made my business more profitable.

Ugur Kalman CEO and Founder of Adforce

“In just 1 year my revenues increased by 56% and my profits doubled (2x). Productized offers make selling a lot easier and we can charge much higher prices without working more hours.”

Paul Ardeleanu CEO and Founder Marketing Deck

“I started with 2 people and ~80K revenue per year. In less than 12 months, we’ve grown 10x! Now I have a team of 22 employees and freelancers and with ~650.000 EUR revenue per year.”

Jeroen van Ramdoenck CEO and Founder Varamedia

We'll find your current growth-bottleneck and we walk you through the step-by-step implementation with hands-on support.

One framework that solves all your growth bottlenecks to scale:

  • Do you need more time? Execute from step 1 to 4 to make your team more efficient, take result ownership and work without you as the bottleneck, then continue to scale sales with step 5-7
  • Do you need more sales? Execute step 5 to 7 to build a high-value offer, a systemized sales process and an automated sales funnel. If you need new clients fast, execute step 10, the fast lane to get more clients (you need min 15h of time for this per week).
  • Do you need higher profits? If your projects are not profitable enough (>50% profit margin), execute step 1-3 to increase project efficiency (or hire “better people using step 4), then scale sales with step 5-7.

All the steps will lead you through the process to build a scalable business with high profits and relaxed workdays – always solving your current growth bottleneck to keep you focused and effective.

The whole Masterclass program has AI support to speed up your implementation


(OPTIONAL) Build your personal leadership system to become the ONLY boss of your time and priorities (and get 4-10h free time per week back if you are too involved working IN projects and service delivery without time to work ON your business)

You can’t lead your team and scale your business if you are not 100% in control of your own time and priorities.
With just 2.5 hours of training and a step-by-step walkthrough supported by templates, you’ll build a time- and priority management system and get back to laser focus on business-builder activities. You become the single boss of your own time and priorities. After just 1 month you can get 4-10h free time back in your calendar and a “business builder” routine to create systems and teams that run and grow the business independently from you (you’ll build that up using the following steps).


Build a rock-solid quality standard and a digital leadership system for your team

We’ll walk you through the steps to build a rock-solid quality standard and a digital leadership system for your team that you can implement in tools such as Jira, Clickup, Monday, Notion, Trello etc. This leadership system will become your digital office as the basis to deliver work efficiently and profitably using employees, freelancers and AI tools.
The quality standard for roles and processes will let you delegate service delivery to your team without you being the bottleneck, ensure quality, reduce failures, make your clients happy and your business more profitable.
This digital leadership system will provide you and your team with full transparency over results and progress to manage your business with KPIs from anywhere in the world and keep your team accountable for results.


Delegate ownership to a self-managing team, stop managing and start leading

With your quality standard and your digital leadership system as a fundamental basis, you can offer well-defined roles to your existing team or to new employees and freelancers and set clear expectations and focus on the results you want.
We provide you with team blueprints and role templates as well as ready-to-use role presentations, and onboarding videos for the most common roles in software development and digital marketing. You can use these onboarding materials to copy&adjust your own onboarding training or directly enroll team members and provide them with clarity and focus.
Additionally, using our result-focused leadership training you’ll acquire the skills, tools and routines to keep your team accountable and lead them by results (not just by meetings and availability) without being the bottleneck.


Find, hire and onboard freelancers to scale your teams

To escape staff shortages and too high workload for your team we’ll help you find and onboard freelancers with the right skills at the right time and at prices that are profitable for you.
We show you a proven process to find, assess, hire and lead global freelancers to relieve your team from too high workload.
With your quality standard, your digital leadership system and this process, you can escape staff shortages forever, get reliable results from freelancers and make the entire world your talent pool.

Once you see how effective this way of finding and onboarding skilled talent works, you’ll never want to limit your talent pool by hiring only local employees (or trust in unreliable outsourcing providers).


(CAN BE YOUR 1st STEP, too) Productize your service offers – build high-value offers you can sell AND deliver with ease!

With practical, easy-to-apply training and a productized offer configurator and AI support, a price calculator and a sales funnel KPI calculator, we walk you through a step-by-step process to identify your most valuable service offers and package them together into a high-value-high-price offer. We’ll also show you how to execute a simple and effective AI-powered research process to get inspired and exactly understand what your clients want from you and how to build “no-brainer” offers to win clients with ease.

Your productized offers will exactly fit the needs of your dream clients.
NO – you don’t have to sell a product (but you can). You sell an individual service with a repeatable process and pre-built assets that you can easily customize for your clients.

A high-value “productized” offer is the basis to set clear expectations for your clients and for your team and make selling and delivering your services more profitable and less stressful with less manual work involved.

Our productized offer configurator and the AI support makes it easy for you to package all your services into 3 simple and powerful offers that help you maximize client value, efficiency, and profits.


Systematic sales process ready to delegate to AI and freelancers

With your productized offers as a basis, we provide you with scripts, tools and templates to systemize your sales process and get consistent results. This sales process is well structured, and supported by AI tools and you’ll also get access to a sales KPI tracking system to stay on top of your own sales performance or delegate sales ownership and accountability to salespeople.

If you want to win clients without paid ads OR if you want to validate your offer before you scale it with paid ads, we show you a manual way to find and attract potential clients that are interested in your offers while providing value from the first contact (not annoying people with typical cold outreach messages).
We provide you with a proven outreach process, message templates that get you high response rates and a scripted sales process to get high closing rates in sales calls.
With your validated offer and money in your bank account, you can scale your sales results with an automated B2B sales funnel without wasting money on ads that don’t convert.


Automate, delegate and scale marketing and sales with AI support

With your high-value “productized” offer, a systemized sales process and a validated offer for your market, we’ll help you build an automated lead generation funnel using the “progressive funnel framework” and microtests to validate your strategy. With your validated strategy you can build a full funnel with paid ads to attract clients that are ready to buy your service as well as those that need some education to understand why they should buy from you when they are ready – of course, without explaining everything individually to every potential client. You’ll automate the education part instead based on our scripts and supported by AI tools.
We provide you with website templates and scripts to build every part of your funnel and recommend you the tools you need and we support you with the setup.
If you want, we help you delegate the sales copywriting and the campaign and funnel management to freelancers and AI tools.


Delegate and scale profits and client results with “squad” teams

After you’ve built your self-managing teams to deliver services independently from you, we provide you with a blueprint of “squad teams” that will take ownership for full business results – profitability and customer satisfaction.  The squad team structure will help you scale your entire business with minimum involvement multiplying your profitable growth with every squad you install. Once you’ve built squads, you can step out from all your business operations and focus on coaching and supporting your team.


BONUS (optional): Team profit sharing and compensation system

If you enter this stage, your team is already well-aligned and accountable for client results and can deliver services profitably without you. You delegated client management and profit monitoring to squads.
To increase motivation for your team to scale project profitability and client satisfaction, you can install a powerful profit-sharing system that ensures that your team is motivated to grow profits for your business and get a fair share from that. With this profit-sharing system, you can introduce self-determined salaries based on clear rules and full transparency. This will make your team work and think like entrepreneurs in your business and get 100% alignment for business interest.


BONUS (optional): Fastlane to get more clients

If your current biggest bottleneck is to get more clients, you can start directly by productizing your offers, systemizing your sales process and with manual or automated lead generation to attract more of the right clients for your business. When you share your most important goal with us in the program, we’ll direct you to the right start to get results.

This is what you get to process the roadmap outlined above with hands-on support

What you get to process these implementation roadmaps

  • To-the-point and practical video training that walks you step-by-step through the implementation process (you’ll do it, NOT just understand it)
  • Access to “deep-dive but to-the-point” training videos for every implementation roadmap
  • Templates with explanations and examples for every implementation roadmap
  • Live mastermind support with 2 weekly sessions with Manuel and other business owners (every Wednesday 3 PM CET, every Thursday 10 AM CET) 
  • Chat support via our Facebook community of other clients 
  • Access for 1 additional team member

Detailed assets included to speed up your implementation

  • Priority management and time management blueprint
  • Workday self-assessment and priority calculator
  • Team and client communication template
  • Productized offer configurator
  • Business builder mindset training
  • The 3-component productized offer template
  • Price and profit calculator for your sales offers
  • USP configurator template (Problem-solution blueprint)
  • Sales closing script
  • Target persona definition template
  • Lead generation cold message templates
  • Magnetic LinkedIn profile training
  • Funnel page templates
  • Sales and marketing funnel KPI tracking templates
    (with KPI benchmarks)
  • Automated funnel KPI calculator 
  • Lead generation funnel templates (ready to delegate to a campaign manager) 
  • Google ads training (from our best google expert freelancer)
  • Pre-defined roles for digital marketing
  • Pre-defined roles for software development
  • Pre-defined roles for management, leadership and conception
  • Ready-to-use role onboarding video training for your team and freelancer
  • Self-managing team blueprint for marketing team
  • Self-managing team blueprint for software development team
  • Self-managing team blueprint for service and support team
  • Team meeting templates (performance review and work tracking meetings)
  • Agile workflow templates
  • Pre-built quality standard for digital marketing
  • Pre-built quality standard for software / web-development
  • Team-communication and culture guidelines for result-focused leadership
  • Squad framework for teams as “business in your business” to delegate client management and profit ownership
  • Performance-based team compensation framework (team bonus framework)
  • Tool recommendations for performance management, work management, marketing and sales automation
  • Employee and freelancer onboarding checklist
  • Interview question list for freelancer and employee assessment
  • Job post templates
  • Result-focused leadership training(deep-dive)
  • Access to our HR service to find, assess and onboard freelancers for you (extra costs, only per request once you implemented the structures to get reliable results)

Prices for this 12 months program

    • Official Retail Price: 19.000 € (please send us an email if you want this)
    • Price if you agree to create a video or text-based case study after your successful implementation:
      • One-time payment of 9.700 €
      • Monthly payment with 2.900 € today and 11x 750 € per month


  • BONUS 1: 2 Service Requests for Sourcing, Assessment, Onboarding and Hiring of Freelancers (value: 1.398,– EUR) to scale

    BONUS 2: Freelancer satisfaction guarantee with free replacement in the first month.

My Personal Guarantee

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Profit results are NOT GUARANTEED. They are the result of you creating your productized offers, executing the proven sales process you’ll follow, providing great leadership for your team with efficient quality standards, and managing your projects’ profitability by carefully USING the tools, assets, methods and templates you got in this program.

Here’s my bold RESULT guarantee:

If you want to scale, the most critical part is to build a high-value productize your offer. If you follow the program and use the productized offer configurator and you feel stuck or you don’t get your service offer productized, I (Manuel) will work with you personally together until you have your offer productized with the provided templates.
Having your offers well-defined, standardized and productized will make all other steps so much easier.

I offer the same guarantee for building your personal leadership system (included in this program) to help you become the boss of your time and priority and shift your team to work self-managing without you being the bottleneck

I optimize for happy clients and I’m committed and convinced to get you results.

Fair enough?

What clients ask me often...

Which return (ROI) can I expect from the price I pay?

You can easily calculate it.

ROI of higher profits

Increasing the efficiency of service delivery, the profits per contract, is simple to calculate and has a high impact if your business has more than 250.000 EUR revenue per year. I saw these systems generating profits of up to 35% on revenue per year. Take the difference of profits you have right now.

Typical: 250K – 1MM EUR revenue per year with 10% profit.

= 25K – 100K EUR profit per year.

just + 5% profit per year means an additional profit of 12.500 EUR – 50.000 EUR per year + less stress through lower fixed costs.


ROI of more time

What’s the value if you can save 4-10 hours of your time per week, 208-520 hours per year that you can spend on building systems that generate even more time and money for you – or time you can spend with friends and family.

With a very pessimistic value of just 100 EUR per hour for you as the business owner, this would create a value of 20.800 EUR – 52.000 EUR per year. The bigger your business the higher is the opportunity cost of your time, the higher the value to get more free time and focus.


ROI of more clients

If you can build a system that attracts more of the right clients without working more hours, without relying on recommendations and your personal network, a sales funnel that attracts new potential clients every single day….

Assuming your business even just has a profitability of 10% EBIT, 100K to 1MM EUR revenue per year, and you win additional 100K – 250K EUR revenue per year with 10% profits, this is a value of 10.000 EUR – 25.000 EUR per year any it can go far beyond. If you increased the efficiency of service delivery (and so your profit rate to -15-25% EBIT), this value is even a lot higher.


Here’s a video showing you what’s possible.

Past results are no indicator for future results.
This is not a quick hack. There is work involved to build these systems.
You can see on this page some clients we worked with. They got great results as they followed the roadmaps and did the implementation work. They didn’t get instant results. They improved, measured, and improved again until they got the result. This is what you do in the program working with us.

Is this just a video course leaving me alone with the implementation?

No. This program is designed to provide you with the shortest implementation steps to achieve your most important goal (like: winning more clients, getting more free time, improving the quality of service delivery, increasing the profitability of service delivery, hiring and leading skilled talent).

No “general consulting speech”. Just to-the-point training with concrete actionable advice guided by templates and examples.

Here’s why I don’t teach and train you personally but provide you roadmaps with video training, templates and examples – and why this brings the highest ROI for you.

In the past, I offered personal consulting for 750 EUR per hour. I was completely booked out. But I found that I always had to repeat myself. I told clients the same things again and again. A good sign for you as the system you’ll get is proven to work – repeatably and reliably. It is just not efficient to pay me for telling you those things that you need to learn. That’s why I recorded the framework as “roadmaps” with video training, templates and examples.

This frees up my time to focus on supporting you in the best possible and most focused way.

Neither is it just a group coaching of random people nor is it just a video course that won’t help you with the implementation.

This is the most efficient way we found to get you the results you want.

The implementation roadmaps consist of to-the-point videos trainings, templates and examples so that you know, you are doing the right things.

To provide you with hands-on support, you get support from us in the weekly mastermind sessions, you get support from other smart business owners in these group calls and in our Facebook group.

Additionally to your mastermind support, if you want, you can upgrade your support to personal support. This includes unlimited personal work reviews and monthly personal strategy calls.

Do I have to stop selling services and switch to products?

NO. Absolutely not. You can continue providing the same services and get your client’s individual results.

Instead of selling and delivering every service always individually as your client requests, you’ll attract clients with a specific problem, build your sales process based on a problem-solution-fit and sell your services packaged as a solution that will get your client results respecting their individual situation or requirements. That works for individual software development as well as for marketing services. We have examples prepared for you to copy productized offers that are multiple times proven to work.

With this “productization” approach, we’ll create high-value offers that package your individual services into well-defined solutions so that you can execute them easily, delegate them easily and charge higher prices.

How long does it take to get results?

It depends on your goal. Yes, I hate that statement as much as you do 🙂

So let me clarify what exactly it depends on.

It depends on which system you want to build. Here you go:

  • Defining your productized services offer typically takes a 1-2 month
  • Building your manual sales process is a 1-month process
  • Building your automated lead generation funnel typically takes 2-3 months and requires your high-value productized offer to be created
  • Building a quality standard is a process of about 2 months and requires your high-value productized offer to be created
  • The “get more free time fast” fast lane works if you have a team but you’re too much involved. This fast lane is designed to get you 4-10h free time in about 1-2 months.
  • Transitioning your entire organization to a self-managing team really depends on how many team members you have. You can calculate with about 1 week per team member. It is required that you already created your quality standard on a process level (using our templates and examples) and that you’ve created your team blueprint (using our templates and examples)
  • Hiring new freelancers takes about 2-3 weeks if your role is clearly defined based on our role templates and examples

How much time do I need to invest?

Overall, growing your business further is an ongoing process. The more time you can spend on business builder activity, the faster you’ll get results and the more sustainable your business will grow – independently of your availability.

We recommend planning 4-6h per week of business builder time which is the time you spend in the program and in the mastermind groups to get the systems and structures built up.

If you feel that currently, you can’t get 4-6h free time per week to work on your highest priorities to grow your business, we provide you with a “fast lane” to get more free time fast. In most cases, clients that follow this fast lane get results after just 1 month.

The big difference with our program is that you know that what you do is very clearly defined and that it works.
And you get great support from us and from your mastermind group so you can be sure to have other experienced people around you that support you.

Will this work for my business?

If you are a digital service provider like a software development agency, a digital marketing business or a consulting business AND you know which problem currently prevents you from growing to the next level, yes it will work.

If you set a specific goal you want to optimize for (like: get more free time, win more clients, increase project/service profitability, hire skilled talent, improve the quality of service delivery), we have step-by-step implementation roadmaps for you to fix that. And they work. They work for many other service providers and respect your individual strategy and your business situation.

Just listen to the client case studies below on this page.

We see a success rate of +90% for people following our implementation roadmaps and using our hands-on support.

Can I delegate parts of the implementation

Yes. The implementation roadmaps are designed in a way that you work on the strategies and you can use the created strategy and delegate the implementation to team members or to freelancers. We’ll help you onboard these people and support you with monitoring progress and results while keeping people accountable.

For example can you delegate the content creation / copywriting of your marketing and sales funnel to freelancers.

Or you can delegate different other roles to employees, partners or freelancers.

We always start with the role and then you can easily find people that want to take ownership of this role.

We offer you to enroll another person, for example a business partner. With this extra seat, you can create a common strategy and split forces to build your scalable sales system and the scalable service delivery.

Are there other hidden costs?

We have no hidden costs or upsells. On this page you find our best offers to support you with the implementation of building teams and systems that scale your business independently from you – from sales to service delivery.

We also have an HR department. In case you want us to find, assess and hire freelancers for you to save your time, we can do it for you. The services are extra and we are happy to offer them to you per your request.

What happens if I don't get the results, is there a guarantee?

When people don’t get results, the main reason is that they

  1. Don’t know what they want to achieve(no goal)
  2. Don’t follow the roadmaps
  3. Don’t ask us for active support

If you are committed to doing these things, you’ll get results. If you know your goal, you follow the roadmaps, share your progress and ask your questions in the mastermind sessions and you still don’t get results, Manuel will personally work with you to get you the result. This is his personal guarantee.

Do I have to fire my employees?

Absolutely not!

If you have a good team, keep it. We’ll even help you create a work environment that your team will appreciate even more as they get more clarity, more focus, better results and less stress. And this focused and calm digital work environment will make it easier for you to attract great skilled talent anywhere on our planet.

Will my clients like the new offers, do I have to cancel contracts?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to touch your existing client contracts and relationships until you really want that.

You can keep your current operations, clients and offers and build a new offer or just keep your offers and re-organize your delivery process and how you lead your team. We’ll find the top priority you should focus on.

If you want to build a new offer, you do this as a separate offer with well-streamlined delivery operations. Once you see that new part of your business growing with relaxed workloads, you can decide what you want to do with the legacy contracts in your business.

What happens if my support period ended and I'm not done?

You’ll keep your lifetime access to all implementation roadmaps that are included in your package and get access to all future updates.

If you didn’t get the result you want after your mastermind support period expired, we are open to having a look at your work and your progress and extending that period.

We don’t optimize for our profits.

We optimize for our client’s results, which has priority Nr. 1.

See success from other clients

Jeroen van Raemdonck, Marketing Agency

Jeroen achieved 10x growth in just 11 months!
He really executed the masterclass program and took any chance to get support.
He has grown his agency from 2 people to 22 people with 650.000 EUR revenue in less than 1 year. His next Milestone is 2 Million (before he hits his goal of 10 Million 🙂 ) Just see yourself how he got there and how Flash Hub helped him take the fast lane.

Marius Tyranowski, Reply42 SEO services

Marius productized his SEO services and winning clients became kind of a “home run” as clients buy his productized service without discussions, even after he already increased his prices 6 times. He decided to go with Flash Hub as he saw proven practical experience and did a deep background check.

Sustainability Consultant

Jessi was a freelance consultant. She started with Flash Hub and in just 6 months she packaged her custom consulting services into productized offers, built an automated lead generation process, won 7 high-ticket clients and a full pipeline of hot leads that want to work with her. She has built her quality standard and onboarded 2 Freelancers that take ownership for some of the deliverables in her offers. Creating proposals only takes 15-20 minutes which is a huge time-saver for her.

Digital marketing, E-Commerce B2B

My biggest problem was that there were so many mistakes in execution. Not a single project went without mistakes. The same mistakes always came back and I had +55 hours of work per week. I had to put my nose in every work.
If you have better people and better business, it is a big game changer!
Number of failures decreased by 90%, things get done with minimal input from me and I have much less stress over the day. And now my calendar has a lot of free space so that he can focus on strategy work.
It is a huge change!

Digital marketing agency, 11 employees

Paul was able to increase his revenues by 56% and 2x his profits in less than 1 year.

Now with your framework and the steps you walk me through, I have scalable systems.
I said to my wife, after I bought the program, this will be our “ticket” to freedom! If I apply everything that this person says in my business, we will become free and with a successful business. Now I’m on the road to that.

Radu Mihail, Marketing Agency, 4 employees, 25 freelancers

Radu escaped being the bottleneck for his team and now expands his business globally.
He was involved in all operations, everything depended on him and that was the reason why his agency couldn’t grow without growing his workload.
Radu delegated work to 25 freelancers, productized his offers, increased prices and now has the confidence that his team can run the business with him being available all day. He got a totally new mindset and less stress.

Jorge Miguel Fonseca, In-House Agency 10 people

As the first step, Jorge escaped being the management bottleneck for his team.
Then he started to standardize the service offers, and build a quality standard for his podcast creation service. With this quality standard and the digital leadership system, the knowledge is persistent as digital assets in his business and new people can be onboarded fast.
As a next step, he will implement this system at scale for all services and boost efficiency of service delivery for the entire group of all business with 1000 sales people he serves with his team.

Growth hacking agency, 1 employee

Geri just started his agency and won 11 high ticket clients (>8000 EUR per client) in the first year.

“I think the things you do, the level of structure, SOPs, how to create processes, how to go about systematizing and getting people in, is very thorough and we can see that this was created from experience. Also, when we ask questions, we also get specific answers, so we see that you have actually done it, that’s great. I think it’s extraordinary and a really great program!”

E-Commerce Agency, 5 employees

First, we fixed the delivery side of our services because I was involved too much and a lot depended on me. We changed our offers, still providing the same services but with a higher value, higher prices, happier clients, and with a very efficient service delivery process that my team can execute independently from me. Flash Hub gave me every concrete step-by-step implementation advice. 

Lidigation support agency, 63 employees

Before I met you and Flash Hub, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two-year period to find experts that would grow my business to the next level. But I didn’t find them.

Right from the beginning, I started to receive more value from you than you told me you would give me, and you continue to do that. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve been with you for about a year now and you just continue to open new doors for me and help my business grow and help me grow as a business owner.

Software development agency, 8 employees

Flash Hub itself is a great source of knowledge, and meeting others with similar problems is great since we progress together and we exchange information along the way.
All the assets that are shared, the videos, documents, blueprints are just brilliant and fantastic, thank you very much for that!
You, as a person, are very inspiring. You inspired me, not just changed the way I work, I now have the idea of a new product that I’m planning to build within the next couple of years. That’s great!

Marketing and software agency, 4 employees

You get the full picture, and not only story-wise, you get documents and videos you can walk along and always go back to. The other thing is that hearing an answer or even a question from a like-minded person in a group is great and helpful. You also shed light on some issues that might not be so obvious.

Security service provider, 4.000 employees

You’ve been providing me with gold nuggets, left and right!
I’m familiar with a lot of the methodologies that you draw on, but kind of presenting it the way that you did and really tying all components into a holistic organizational framework was very useful. So just, all in all, great stuff, really good!

Marketing & E-Commerce Agency, 3 employees

I now have clarity on how I want my company to operate, and this helps me to give clear leadership to everyone. On a product basis, everything is how you need it and how you want it. It’s a very trustworthy space, people are open to share their opinions and their thoughts, and over time I feel that there is a friendship developing between the people. I think this is great! If you ask me about the product quality, I think it’s great, you can say it’s definitely worth what you are paying for.

Marketing Consulting, 0 employees

Even though I’m at the very beginning, I made this experience with you, and with the class, but especially with you, that you are giving me the right feedback at the right time if I am off the track, then you are asking the right questions to push me back. That’s giving me confidence that I can do it, because I’m not alone and I know that you have the will to help me to make me successful.

Web agency, 9 employees

It’s invaluable to be in a group of like-minded peers that are looking to actively change business for the better and adopt a more systemized way of working.
What gets measured gets done and Flash Hub helps you to recognize what you should be measuring. What you have articulated is something that’s capable of transforming small businesses and you have created a social context in terms of a group of peers with an experienced mentor in a context of trust is the ingredient to being confident that the framework is in the right direction.

Software agency, 0 employees

It helps me by providing clear and systemized steps to go towards my goal, and I really liked the way the information was presented! These templates and all materials are really helpful.
Another thing I really love is regular video meetings where we can meet all together and get the experience not only from Manuel but also from other participants as well. The whole structure, how it’s organized, it’s really helpful and very useful.

Paul Ardeleanu
Founder and CEO of Marketing Deck
(Marketing Services)
Alex Thomson
Growth Gurus
(Growth hacking agency)

“ I never want to go back to the old way of leading an agency with only a local team. With Flash Hub finally our agency scales, performance increased tremendously, our agency is more profitable than before and can deliver full service to our customers. Flash Hub helped us as a strong partner to succeed.”

Ralf Hendel Founder and CEO
Bright Solutions Hamburg GmbH

“Hi Manuel,

My agency is 11 years old, I have 8 employees and I have almost always worked with freelancers too.

But all your support, forced me to put my nose into my own sh** and consider :

1) that my way of doing things has limits (that part I already noticed, but ignored with the bad excuse : « I don’t have time and things are going well for us »)
2) It can change (that is the new part).

For now, I’m feeling a bit brainwashed (or « flashed », Men in Black way of being flashed^^) and I need some time to « structure » all that in my head, on our tools, in the brains of our team etc. but I’m convinced I’ll be very soon able to :

1) Reduce my stress and the stress of my employees
2) Work more on the business than in the business in order to improve the system
3) Have a better life (if I manage to work less then 65 hours a week I’ll consider that as a great result)
4) Scale my agency

Thank you again Manuel and have a great day!
À bientôt !”

Tjark Tilberis CEO and Founder of "C'est qui Maurice ?"