The opportunity to solve digital marketing problems lies in the problems as such. As the saying goes: “Defining the problem correctly makes for 50% of the solution.”

By definition, the start of the year is a great moment to turn a new leaf and stop dealing with marketing problems in any old way.

Here is some help to pinpoint common challenges marketers face and the opportunities to solve them in the coming year.

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Challenges and Opportunities to Escape them in 2023

You may not be surprised to hear that digital marketers share the same common marketing problems year by year. The package changes, but the core remains the same. 

If you survey dozen of businesses and ask them:

”What was your biggest marketing challenge in 2022?” it is unlikely that the reply list will be much different. 

When marketing challenges and opportunities are so ubiquitous, why is it so hard to tackle them?

Often, it is not as easy to find the catch when you’re in the middle of the chaos. An external perspective simplifies things.

Take a look at the list below and see if you can find your top challenge among the bullet points:

1. Growing costs.

You can’t escape growing costs, whether it is expensive expert rates, increasing software package prices digital transformation costs, or marketplace fees.

Trying to control costs can drive you to insanity because it’s simply impossible.

However, you can solve cost challenges for digital marketing by focusing on team efficiency, sales funnel efficiency and workflow process efficiency. These are the areas you can control to tackle the problem indirectly and strategically.  

2. Technological complexity.

Technology constantly evolves. The ability to process information grows as does the amount of data available.

In the footsteps of such innovation, there are new digital platforms, each striving to capture the attention of its audience.

For digital marketers, it is one chance in a million to keep up the pace with the change. It is even more difficult to come across consumers’ attention at every touchpoint. 

3. Lack of goal clarity.

When clients and marketers come at loggerheads it is usually because they understand and define goals differently.

Clients need help with defining goals via measurable objectives, and these are achievable only with SMART goals. Smart marketing goals include metrics that can be tracked and show progress or the lack of it over time.

Therefore, if you lack clarity in your goals, you will still struggle with one of the most prevailing digital marketing challenges well beyond 2023.

For instance, creating an intuitive mobile app is not a measurable marketing goal. Examples of smart digital marketing goals that can be measured are generating high-quality leads, raising brand awareness, increasing social media traffic, increasing CLTV, and improving ROAS numbers.  

4. Increased workload and stress.

The logical outcome of elaborate technological progress and new business models creates pressure to adapt resources.

You either search for solutions by working longer hours or reducing the number of clients. Both break down your ability to scale and grow.

The solution is not in overextending your resources but in using them more efficiently by leveraging the power of a new digital leadership system that can save up to 10 hours per week.   

5. Confusing digital marketing models.

How do you pitch your product or service to clients?

In a service-based business, it is a problem to scale your offer as services are not always simple to define. And if you have tried using several marketing experts who haven’t delivered the progress to your goals, you may be even more perplexed about the right strategy.

Packaging your marketing services in products, and selling them as productized offers through a sales funnel supported by self-managing virtual teams can help you scale your business.   

6. Talent sourcing and retention.

It is hard to come by great people and the shortage trend for high-quality staff continues to grow and will last in 2023.

If you’ve, until now, failed to find superb job candidates or reliable freelancers, it is time to rethink how you approach your talent acquisition strategy.  

Like attracts like. Your dominant drive in 2023 should be to make your workplace attractive and motivating and bring the best people on board so that they can live up to the high-quality standards you have set for yourself, your team, and your dream clients.   

7. Competitiveness to win clients.

In a situation of market saturation, it is difficult to stand out.

A noisy market requires you to reach out to the people and solve their problems most efficiently, which is only possible if you remain curious about their real problems that often hide behind the initial problem.

The opportunity to solve one of the biggest marketing challenges – competition – is hidden in plain sight: in your openness to ask more questions until you come to the root of the issue and provide the ideal offer they won’t be able to refuse. 

Do you have the resolve to decode the top marketing challenges and opportunities your business faces?

Want to build a marketing team supported by a streamlined digital leadership system with high-quality standards, efficient sales funnels, and clear KPI benchmarks?

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marketing team setup blueprint


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