How come everyone is rock-staring new clients, and you are still wondering how to build a B2B sales funnel that brings you to your dream target audience?

Yes, you heard that right. 

You don’t need just every new client to build numbers for the sake of it. If you want to run the business of your dreams and live the independent dream life, you need to find the dream clients.   

I hate to break it down to you in such simple terms but I have to: the answer to that burning desire problem ”I need more leads and new clients” starts with you. It is not up to the clients or the business ecosystem but up to how you travel in it.

So, if you want to create a B2B sales funnel that wins you the dream client, it is time to rethink how you approach the whole B2B preparation and execution. 

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How to Build a B2B Sales Funnel Online

The funnel creation strategy I am going to present works perfectly even if you have no clue about how to build a sales funnel and if you are a marketing veteran. 

Let’s dive in without further ado; if you waver, your clients might just run to someone else.

1. Define your target persona with all problems and goals.

Create a detailed description of your ideal prospects, including their needs and wants, dreams, desires, and motivations. See what bothers them. Which are their unmet needs? Why do you think you can solve them? How? What is so special about your business that they run to you to buy and meet their goals instead of just skipping you in favor of the competitor? Use spreadsheets, templates, marketing software — anything that works for you. But ensure that the persona is “personal” — you are selling to a real person looking for something specific. Be specific but don’t exhaust yourself by trying to make the target persona template perfect, I’ll tell you why later.

2. Find them online.

The easiest way to find clients online is to spend time where they do. If your niche community is networking on LinkedIn, share your message in industry-specific groups. Attend virtual events and meetups. Talk to colleagues. Join professional online networks. Search business directories. Comment on Twitter posts. Answer questions related to your business. Run a blog. Simply, put your face out there so that your dream clients know that you exist and that you have something to offer. Consider this the speed dating phase of your search for new leads and clients.  

3. Build a “100 Dream Clients” list.

When you mingle in the community, you get a better picture of who are your dream clients and link the theoretical target persona to a person in the real world. This helps you eliminate any mismatches between what you think is the solution and what is the actual solution. Then you will be able to tweak your solution to help your clients in a way that they cannot say no. You become so irresistible, that everyone dies to go on a second date with you!

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4. Validate their problems and goals.

As with any potential date, you need good conversation starters to warm up the atmosphere. Webinars, blogs, ads – everything works depending on your business. The format in which you present your message doesn’t matter so much as the content. Show that you have listened and understood the problems of your potential dream clients and reassure them your solution is their best choice.  

5. Build an attractive free offer.

The lead magnet you create must bring true, unique, and effective value to your new prospects. As the most tangible step in the process of building a B2B sales, give it all. The best free offers are action propellers, which means they start the ball rolling for your clients in the direction of pursuing their goals. If you are offering a free planning session, for example, make sure your prospects take action upon the plan they have created.

6. Define the main offer that solves their problem completely.

But (and this is very important but!) don’t forget to draw value from the client feedback for you, as well. 

Now you understand more about what drives your client and what created a loophole between the imaginary target persona and the actual leads.

Use the feedback to tweak your offer and make your offer so juicy that clients fall for it hard. 

This step is a common stumbling block for many entrepreneurs: creating a perfect offer is a result of active listening, flexibility, and omnipresence. Omnipresence links to being open about client novelty and moving beyond your expected audience, playing across devices, platforms, and channels.

In a digital world congested with excellent B2B sales funnels, clients appreciate it when you invest an effort into helping them without reservations. 

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7. Build a scripted sales process and measure conversions.

By now, you have already weeded out the imperfect matches and the difficult clients. Now you are ready to translate all that delicious feedback value into a sales script and start measuring conversions. Remember: 

  • Link you offer benefits with client pain points
  • Generate a scripted sales process
  • See how the script performs by tracking conversions
  • Ask questions to identify improvements
  • Always call-to-action — close, schedule a call, activate an email campaign — don’t waste the connection for zero value.

Set impeccable quality assurance standards to boost your client’s confidence that they have chosen the right business to buy from.

8. Win three new clients with this process.

It is always most difficult to win your first client. Then when the lucky strike hits the mark, everything seems worthwhile. Since you are not looking for just any client, but your dream client, (and many more to come), test the success of this process by winning a minimum of three clients in the same way. That’s your evidence that the sales script works and you haven’t just landed the first client by chance. Of course, as you perpetuate the process in the future, you learn even more details about how to build the B2B sales funnel most effectively and captivate your audience.

9. Automate with an omnipresent B2B sales funnel.

Omnipresent funnel marketing is somewhat counterintuitive to traditional marketing funnels.

The audience is hungry for creativity and engagement. Sure, a simple email marketing list will do the trick to land you some clients, but will they be your dream ones? 

The abundance of digital content times requires new ways of engagement, especially if you are working in a slow-burn industry where you need to leave more time for leads to warm up.

Create more viral, highly engaging content on various platforms and address the needs of leads in the slow lane and the fast lane. Sometimes, just as in dating, it takes time for a potential date to like you as they are not quite aware of all your secret weapons — yet!   

The transitions between these lanes can help you get more insights into your dream client behavior and what drives them towards making that purchase. 

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