How Flash Hub helps?

We help business leaders scale their teams and their entire organization systematically and reliably with global freelancers.

We combine 5 core services that help you build, lead and scale teams with global freelancers - flexibly and reliably.

1. Roles

With our proven role templates and team blueprints you set a solid foundation to delegate tasks, and entire projects to single freelancers or entire teams. We help you define your dream team!

2. Workflows

We provide you with templates and blueprints for quality standards, performance tracking, and workflows to create focus, clarity, and transparency for you and your team.

3. Tools

We recommend a setup of best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency. The integration of these tools will build your virtual office as a basis for global collaboration.

4. Freelancers

We offer you full service for sourcing, assessment and hiring of expert freelancers from our community and we help you with systematic role-onboarding, and knowledge transfer and minimize your administration work.

5. Support

To improve the performance of your team, we provide you, your team, and the freelances you hire with training, coaching and ongoing support. You'll connect with other leaders from our community and get world-class support from people that lead large teams of freelancers themselves.


Success with virtual teams requires not only the right people but the right ecosystem of tools and workflows to provide remote leaders with flexibility, transparency and control over results.

With well over 200.000 hours of work done by virtual teams of global freelancers from over 67 countries, Flash Hub has learned what it takes to implement remote work reliably. With this approach, we’ve scaled single projects and whole organizations by up to 400% in only 6 months. Working with Flash Hub gives you access to all our experience and best practices right from the start. In a close partnership, we provide you with the right workflows that give your team structure and alignment, best-practice setup of modern cloud tools that support global collaboration, and prevetted freelancers from the Flash Hub community.

With Flash Hub, you get a strong and experienced partner on your side that consults and coaches you so that you can benefit from the endless flexibility of a global workforce without having to deal with all the complexity that comes with it. Our service makes scaling with virtual teams as simple and as reliable as it can be. Our toolset for all work agile comes with a bulletproof scrum process combined with best-practice workflows and standards from different industries like software development and marketing combined into one powerful and easy-to-use Scrum board.

This combination of prevetted freelancers, workflows, tools, and personal support is what differentiates us from freelancer-only talent platforms.

Virtual Team
readiness check

Tools and workflows setup right

We assess your current tools, roles, workflows, and legal restrictions to understand how virtual teams can work for you in the most efficient and effective way while giving you full control and transparency.


A document that contains the status quo of your current work ecosystem and action items for any changes we recommend. With these results, you understand how to make virtual teams work transparently, reliably, and how you can benefit from the endless flexibility of a global remote team.

Virtual Team support

Your reliable hands-on support

It all starts with the right people, which is why we support you with our service for sourcing, assessing, onboarding, and offboarding of freelancers. This is then rounded off with the implementation of templates for best practices of workflows, roles, and tool setup.

To ensure ongoing success, we assess your virtual team’s usage of tools and workflows on a monthly basis to ensure that communication is clear and done, expectations are clearly defined, tools and workflows are used properly and results are delivered.

Flash Hub Talent

The right experts working for you

Based on the defined roles in your virtual team blueprint, we hire carefully selected freelancers for you. Our service keeps the adminstration work, that comes with globally distributed virtual teams, away from you.

Scale your workforce reliably

Get your fully managed virtual teams of expert freelancers, workflows, and tools. With personal support and best practices from our experienced team, you'll scale your workforce in the most flexible way.

Flexible and scalable

Flash Hub re-invents Outsourcing

With Flash Hub work can be outsourced to teams of professional freelancers in the most flexible and efficient way.

Classical Outsourcing

Flash Hub Project

Over 2000

selected freelancers

Over 72


Over 200.000

delivered hours of work