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With this system finally work gets done with minimum input from me and I have a lot more free time for important CEO work.

Boris Schrenzel

Now I have 3 freelancers supporting me to deliver my services. It went very well for me.

Jessi Heemskerk 

With this system, I as was really surprised by myself, how I tested and hired employees and freelancers and I get great results.

Geri Nunes

See all components of our plug & play hiring system

1) The 7-step process to find your perfect-fit expert systematically, reliably and fast. 

2) AI templates to speed up your hiring process from A to finish

3) 30 min. assessment to find out which work you should delegate 

4) AI templates to delegate tasks and projects and get reliable results

5) Template to define expert roles properly

6) Training on how to attract great and reliable talent (local and global)

7) Training on how to find the right experts

8) Create and publish your job post (+Template)

9) Interview questions to identify top experts fast and reliably

10) How to hire your employee or freelancer to get reliable results 

11) Proper onboarding and offboarding process (+Checklist)

12) A simple way to automate onboarding and knowledge transfer

You can simply install this system in your business


We do all this for you as a service through our HR team

Now we can hire and onboard expert employees and freelancers. We only hire high-performers and our team is a lot more focused. The lack of fear that somebody could leave and we can't find a replacement fast enough is finally gone.

Adam Karasch

You can simply copy & install a proven AI-driven hiring system to onboard skilled and reliable employees and freelancers (or we do everything for you)

Still not sure if this is worth it?

Ask this: How much time and money will it cost you to:

Fail with hiring the wrong people

Just work more hours yourself to get the work done

See stressed and overworked team members quit

Find and keep new really good full-time employees

Miss important deadlines and growth opportunities


Hundreds of thousands of EURs over 2-5 years.

You can simply get this plug&play hiring system, understand how it works in 2.5 hours and you're ready to find reliable employees and freelancers fast when you need them without losing a lot of time and money.

Or we do everything for you and find, assess, onboard and hire skilled and reliable freelancers for you.

+4 powerful bonuses helping you to lead your team to achieve high performance and deliver reliable results

Bonus 1) How to monitor results, risks and effective communication

Bonus 2) How to keep your team focused, effective and productive

Bonus 3) How to give effective feedback for constant improvement

Bonus 4) How to identify and fix performance risk 

And this system is proven to work for ANY kind of digital work, for example

✅ Digital Marketing  
✅ Social Media Marketing  
✅ SEO / SEA  
✅ Web development  
✅ App development  
✅ Administrative work 
✅ Web and print design
✅ Project management
✅ Any digital work and complex projects

✅ I even used it for interior design, organizing birthday presents for my wife (PSST!), and organizing vacations and business trips.

With the right experts for the right jobs, you can get any digital work done with freelancers. This Plug & Play Hiring System will help you get reliable results

...you'll NEVER have to suffer from staff shortages, missed deadlines, high-dependencies, growing fixed costs and from too high workload.

This system helped me hire 21 top experts on a single day to successfully deliver my "emergency project" and save my business from 500.000€ contract penalties.

Manuel Pistner

Hi, I'm Manuel.

Till 2018 staff shortages drove me crazy. 

I was always the bottleneck for the operations and I had no time to focus on growing my business.

Client issues and team issues kept me up at night.

All day I heard from my employees "We don't have enough time".

In 2018 a huge project almost crashed against the wall.

If I couldn't deliver, I had to pay 500.000€ contract penalties. 

The problem was that I couldn't get the right people with the right skills onboarded to get all the work done.

Time- and money pressure were all on my shoulders.

Today I know, this crash was the best that could happen to me.

It helped me escape this hamster wheel, unlock the full growth potential of my business and finally have more time and freedom for growing my business, for my own life and for my family.

In the darkest moments of my business, I found a system to hire 21 expert freelancers on a single day from all over the world.

These people saved my project, my business and my existence. 

Most of them are still employees in my business today.

Do you want to see the drama and how you can take the shortcut?

Since that time I've grown my own team to 12 employees and 158 freelancers in 67 countries and I helped over 700 other leaders and business owners grow their teams and their businesses more flexibly, more profitably and more reliably.

You see at the end of this talk, already in 2018 I knew that the next productivity step is scaling teams with AI and voila! - On 11.2022 ChatGPT was released.

With the structures we already had, I was able to simply plug-in ChatGPT in our workflows and we increased our productivity by up to 1000% for digital projects.

And today I'm happy to help you get a fast and reliable start to expand your team with employees, AI and freelancers and get reliable results even from total strangers.

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How We Build With You An AI-Based Hiring System
...to find, test & hire skilled and reliable freelancers in just a few days (or you can use our done-for-you HR service)