In today’s new work order, those who can deliver projects faster and cost-efficiently win the game. Clients are smarter; they want more value and require transparency in all stages of their projects’ lifecycle. The lack of access to the right talent presents a big problem for many who may shy away from going digital with their business. While sourcing has matured and the scope of new deals is shrinking, rising demand for vetted experts grows. Who can deliver solutions rapidly with as little resistance and disruption as possible? It is time to get ready for the rise of virtual flash teams.


What started as a quest to finding ways in managing digital projects easier has paved the way to an innovative, Team-as-a-Service platform.

The T-aa-S platforms bridge the gap between clients and freelancers. Originally inspired by Stanford University’s study on Flash Teams, we have asked ourselves if we can also come up with a similar framework for Bright Solutions. We wanted expert teams that can accomplish complex, interdependent goals no matter where they are in the world.

To our amazement, the answer is a big, resounding YES! Not only have our fully-managed teams delivered amazing results for our projects, but they even helped us design our new office here in the digital city of Darmstadt. Virtual or not, it all boils down to one thing: Quality Outcome.

virtual flash teams in Bright Solutions

Flash Hub & Bright Solutions CEO, Manuel Pistner, giving a presentation

Manuel & Sarah Pistner, the power couple behind the vision
Check out more of our office welcoming event HERE


If something as good as this has worked wonders for us, we thought, why not share this awesome discovery locally, and hopefully, the rest of the world? This is why Flash Hub has been officially presented in this year’s Drupal Europe 2018. We wanted to share a new way of doing work unlike what existing online marketplaces have to offer these days. With structured collaborations between experts and clients, we have eliminated almost every issue that one can encounter in hiring freelancers. We were focused especially on projects that involve a large number of tasks and higher workflow levels.


As technology evolves at a faster pace, that line separating the physical and digital world blurs, paving the way to exciting opportunities and new challenges. We are already seeing industries and jobs disrupted with innovations. We haven’t seen anything like that in the last two decades.

Business leaders know a secret. If you want to compete these days, you need a strategy that puts the right people in the right teams for the right projects. Unfortunately, labor markets are under strain. There is a shortage of skills.

That translates roughly to 30-45 percent of the working classes around the world who are currently unemployed, inactive, or underemployed (Source: McKinsey).

”Flash Hub is born to help address this issue through people and technology-enabled solutions. While the concept of independent work is not new, digitalization enabled it. Automation may have replaced some jobs, but new ones are created each day. With rapid technology adoption, one can unlock bigger potentials and with it, comes new hurdles. First, we have been there. Second, we have overcome that. Finally, we are continuing our quest to build better solutions that will ultimately benefit all. ” – Manuel Pistner, mastermind behind Flash Hub | Founder at Bright Solutions GmbH

Want to experience innovation without complications? Or, be part of an elite squad of freelancers ready to rock the apps world? The journey begins…


Rock solid concepts for project plans that deliver the base for your project’s success


Our project assessment tool guides you on what process, technology and virtual team skills you will need to get things done faster.


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