Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person who handles all your marketing conundrums while you create, strategize, and lead a booming business, and cut corners at the same time?

Such a magician exists.

It is called a marketing consultant. 

But a consultant costs an arm and a leg, especially when charging unrealistic consultancy fees for loaded service packages you don’t need.

Marketing experts aren’t exactly cheap when you have them on your team full-time either.

What can you do instead? 

Without a hitch, hire a freelance marketing consultant.

 What Do Freelance Marketing Consultants Do?

A freelance marketing consultant is an independent contractor who provides expert marketing services per hour or on a fixed-price-based contract. 

As a rule of thumb, freelancers in marketing present their offerings on freelance hiring platforms. Some freelancers use alternative selling methods via business websites. 

A marketing consultant usually has a degree in marketing, business, or communications. However, the marketing industry landscape changes so fast, that the best freelance marketing consultants learn as they go from the field.

Freelance marketing consultants: 

  • Explore markets and reach out to a new audience
  • Analyze company marketing data
  • Review and rework the marketing strategy
  • Design and execute marketing campaigns 
  • Nurture existing customers 
  • Measure marketing-relevant KPIs
  • Increase company revenues 

A freelance marketing consultant may follow a traditional career path, including internship or entry-level jobs at a marketing agency, learning from senior marketers, and developing a personal acumen for the job.

Since the dawn of digital marketing, marketing consultants make unexpected career choices. Many pick up expertise lessons without an official college degree from online learning resources.   

The (Small and) Big Bucks to Hiring a Freelance Marketing Consultant

Based on education, experience, and skills, a freelance consultant can charge anywhere between a $20 hourly rate to several hundred dollars per hour. 

The more expensive marketing consultants usually come from agencies and have a proven track record of helping leading brands advance their marketing campaigns.

If you decide to hire a marketing consultant per hour, check credibility, review past client experience, and ask for a commitment to an established working process.

Fixed-price contracts require service specifics. 

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Learn more about the freelance talent hiring process:

Clear the Freelance Clutter: Marketing vs. Advertising vs. Digital Consultancy

Freelance marketing consultancy is the business of providing per-hour or contract-based marketing services that include identifying customer needs and problems and meeting those needs or solving those problems pain-free. 

Freelance Advertising

Advertising is a component of marketing. It focuses on the part of the marketing strategy that generates revenues and sales via paid ads. 

Hiring a freelance advertising consultant helps you run paid ad campaigns and generate B2B leads. B2B lead generation through paid advertising is among the top five growth strategies for 2022. 

Digital Consultant

A freelance digital consultant is a self-employed expert who understands digital channels well and works with multiple clients to help them implement web development, branding, marketing and advertising, and PR strategies. Digital consultants have a wider area of expertise, but usually, marketing is one of the main focus areas. 

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Marketing Consultant

There are many advantages of hiring a freelance consultant in the place of a marketing agency (or adding another full-time member to your team):

  1. Access specialized marketing services by niche, industry, or software
  2. Savings due to cuts you make for low-key periods and people management
  3. Refresh your marketing strategy with an impartial external viewpoint
  4. Save time because you don’t execute the marketing strategies as a business owner
  5. Increase marketing cost-effectiveness
  6. Get resources (access to accounts or software, for example) and expertise
  7. Work on your strategy from anywhere
  8. Improve the reporting process by linking business goals with relevant metrics
  9. Develop a high-level customer orientation and improve branding practices
  10. Continually optimize campaigns, even in real-time
  11. Scale flexibly with hourly services

Freelance marketing consultancy is for you if you want to progress your marketing activity to the next level but cannot commit to a full-time employee and need to be flexible about the outsourced tasks. Go for the freelance consultant that will:

  • Give you clear answers about related experiences
  • Explain why they are motivated to help your business
  • Show results with KPIs

Smash your campaigns with freelance marketing consultants.

Build a global virtual marketing team in a week.

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