Getting Started

What are Flash Teams?
Why should I use Flash Hub?
What Makes Flash Hub Different?
What’s the difference between Flash Hub and outsourcing?
How can Flash Hub help business owners?
How can Flash Hub help digital agencies?
What technologies does Flash Hub offer?
What type of projects can Flash Hub handle?
What type of businesses can use Flash Hub?

The Vetting Process

How does your vetting process ensure quality experts that meet our requirements?
Can anyone become a Flash Hub expert?
Do these experts speak, read and write fluent English?
Where are your experts located?
Where do your experts work?
What makes Flash Hub experts so reliable?
Do I need to be involved in the hiring and screening of experts?

Project Setup

How will Flash Hub work on my project?
How do you ensure quality of work?
Who is responsible for the team and the bugs?
What happens if I am not happy with an expert in the Flash Team?
What happens if one of your freelance experts quit?
When a freelance expert leaves the team, how do you ensure that there will be no backlogs?
Can my team work on projects based on my time preference?
Do I need to keep track of work hours?
How do you determine the rate of a project?
Do all projects need to be in the English language?
If you provide teams with at least 6-8 people, isn't that very expensive for mid-sized projects?
What about differences in culture?
Can't I just go to Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer or Upwork to get the same result?
Teams that work long term together are working more efficient. How do you bridge this gap in "Flash Teams"?

Billing and Payment

How are payments and invoices handled?
What type of payment do you accept?
Do I need to pay for a membership or subscription fee?
Is it safe to provide Flash Hub with my payment information?
Do you offer a discounted rate for long term commitments?
If I am not happy with the work delivered, do you offer a refund?

Intellectual Property

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by Flash Hub experts?
What about data privacy and GDPR?