Facebook advertising is not as simple when you first open the Facebook Ads Manager. You need to spend a decent amount of time to get to the bottom of it. 

Social media marketing managers use many hours to pick up all insights. Weeks are wasted on adjusting current or recreating future Facebook ad campaigns.

And when you run a full-scope digital agency, you already have enough on your plate. Social media marketing ends up with crumbs of your time and budget. 

However, there is another way. You can have your cake and it, too. 

With the careful redistribution of your advertising resources, you can make an impact on Facebook and win new clients. The solution is to add freelancers to your digital marketing team. 

Facebook advertising is a powerful marketing tool. When used correctly, it will let you see an increase in revenue almost instantly. 

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to be customer-specific: micro-target your audience, chase a specific campaign objective, and rerun a Facebook ad for an already engaged customer.

Common Challenges of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising insights provide an overwhelming amount of data. If the data is not optimized for ad creation, it can ruin your next campaign. 

Furthermore, you need to run a campaign for at least two weeks to see results. After calculating costs and FB ads benefits, you need to be on the plus side. 

Another common obstacle for managers of small to mid-sized agencies is the lack of resources for paid social marketing.

The ideal size for a social media team is three people. 

Can you onboard three new employees to create a stellar high-performing FB ads team? The common answer to this question is no. 

But only if you think of “teams” in a conventional way.  

You don’t need three people on a full-time contract to create massive results in social media engagement. 

If hiring new staff is a challenge for you, you can grow your agency with freelancers.

How to Find Freelancers for Your Facebook Ads Team

Facebook advertising is a microcosmos of potential leads in the sea of traffic drawn from multiple channels. Therefore, you need someone specialized to reveal all Facebook ads’ secrets

Many freelance experts in social media marketing use the per-hour or per-project method to find jobs. If you hire VTaaS (virtual teams as a service), you can compile a virtual team of freelancers trained in specific social media channels. In turn, you can allocate the budget per hour or project. 

If it sounds like an enormous effort in times of scarcity, you need to incorporate scalable team workflows, tools, and processes.

The major difference you need to make here is to set company goals, create campaigns, and track objectives through a virtual system that gives you a quick run-through of your performance.

An instant overview of how well you spend your money on Facebook advertising will create all the difference. 

How to Create a Lucrative Facebook Ad Campaign

You can gather freelance teams to help you correct typical Facebook ad mistakes and track team performance. You get immediate feedback on money spent poorly or well.

We picked up a valuable experience about how effectively Facebook ads campaigns can transform a business by creating a marketing team for the food company Lizza. Lizza was a success because it coubled up the number of new users and achieved a growth of 271% from campaign revenue.

Benefits of Having Your Own Facebook Advertising Team

What exactly will a FB freelance team do for your business? Some of the benefits you will gain by dedicating resources to FB advertising without overextending your budget are: 

1. Implement immediate campaign insights.

A freelance Facebook advertising expert will act upon immediate reporting insights and make timely adjustments without marketing costs pile up. 

2. Test.

Testing is crucial for identifying responsive audiences, designing creative ad variations, and determining proper ad placements.

3. Tell you the difference between metrics.

What are you measuring, and why? Do you measure the cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM)? The budget spent will be different. Data picked up from both metrics provides distinctive insights about how your audience interacts with your ad content. 

4. Report from the same place for all digital marketing insights.

If your freelance advertising team runs several social media channels, you know where you are at for all of them. Moreover, with Flash Hub’s help, you can track each team member’s performance and manage staffing challenges more effectively. 

5. Suggest the best Facebook ad type.

Will you be using image ads or video ads? Is it better to concentrate on Messenger Ads or spend more effort on Facebook Dynamic Ads? The cost for each is different, and they may perform differently, so you need to know how to choose the proper Facebook advertising format. 

6. Enable settings for business-specific or page-specific tools.

Do you need to use the Business Manager for more than one page? How do you set up an account in the Facebook Ads Manager? What is the Power Editor? How to analyze performance and reap the benefits of Page Posts? Your virtual freelance expert about Facebook paid ads can assist you with all these questions without you doing all the learning. 

7. Manage microtasks.

Micro tasks are simple but time-consuming activities that can make all the difference in Facebook ad campaign management. Creating ads based on customer engagement, automated rules, and FB pixel conversion are examples of microtasks that can fall under the cap of your freelance team.  

8. Combine Facebook advertising and Google Analytics reporting.

Well-rounded information about your website and social media is readily available by combining Google insights that are missing on Facebook. To illustrate, you can use Google tags of “time spent on page” for more precise knowledge about your audience.

Do you want to maximize your social media marketing budget by using a freelance Facebook Ads team?

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