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“Hi Manuel,

You told us that we should reach out for any question…
The fact is, I don’t have any for the moment 🙂 (but that will certainly come).

Those lines just to let you know that all that I’ve learned those last weeks is awesome and has a lot of value for me.

My business is 11 years old, I have 8 employees and I have almost always worked with freelancers too.

But all your videos, academy, documentations and now the challenge, forced me to put my nose into my own sh** and consider :

1) that my way of doing things has limits (that part I already noticed, but ignored with the bad excuse : « I don’t have time and things are going well for us »)
2) It can change (that is the new part).

For now, I’m feeling a bit brainwashed (or « flashed », Men in Black way of being flashed^^) and I need some time to « structure » all that in my head, on our tools, in the brains of our team etc. but I’m convinced I’ll be very soon able to :

1) Reduce my stress and the stress of my employees
2) Work more on the business then in the business in order to improve the system
3) Have a better life (if I manage to work less then 65 hours a week I’ll consider that as a great result)
4) Scale my business

Thank you again Manuel and have a great day!
À bientôt !”

Tjark Tilberis CEO and Founder of "C'est qui Maurice ?"

Manuel Pistner

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  • Business owner and entrepreneur since 2006
  • Built 6 own businesses (2 agencies) – sold one while currently leading 3 by myself
  • Current team of over 150 freelancers in 67 countries
  • Hired more than 800 freelancers online
  • Working with global freelancers since 2012
  • Built more than 50 virtual teams of freelancers
  • 200.000 hours of work per year with freelancer teams
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