The Problem

Most organizations limit themselves in their growth potential. They are limited by a local workforce and a static leadership system that often can’t keep track with the speed of a fast-growing digital economy.

Their teams are often short in skills and capacity and can’t deliver results in a market that requires ever-increasing flexibility and speed in a complex technology driven world. Local service providers, offshoring, and nearshoring companies are facing the same issues and can’t provide a reliable solution. Often they lack transparency, control, and flexibility to solve this problem.

That makes many business leaders feel like they’re trapped in a hamster wheel and are wasting their potential to achieve their ambitious goals.

The solution

Stop working only locally and leverage the power of virtual teams of global freelancers to become a digtial champion!

As a business leader you need to have a flexible and reliable team to deliver results and move forward towards your goals. You need the time and freedom to follow your vision, catch market opportunities, and grow your company. Struggling with all the issues that come with the local shortage of talent and managing bottlenecks instead of catching growth opportunites is not the job you’ve signed up for.
Luckily, there’s enough talent available if you get access to a global pool of selected experts and to the tools, methods and workflows to lead and scale a digital workforce systematically.

How Flash Hub helps

We help business leaders to scale their organization systematically with virtual teams of global freelancers.

On our platform we combine 5 core services that help you to build, lead and scale virtual teams that you can rely on with full transparency and control:

1. Roles

We create a blueprint of your team and define the right roles and accountabilities from the beginning.

2. Workflows

We recommend best practise workflows that provide you and your team with clarity, transparency and control.

3. Tools

We recommend a setup of best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency.

4. Freelancers

We extend your virtual team with selected freelancers to make your workforce truly scale.

5. Support

We support you and provide you with regular health checks of your virtual team to show potential improvements.

Learn from our experience

We know from our own experience how frustrating it can be to constantly manage bottlenecks and seeing great plans that don’t make it into reality.

First, we’ve transformed our own 2 local businesses with over 43 local employees into a digital workforce with virtual teams of over 150 global freelancers. Based on that experience we’ve built Flash Hub as a platform to scale systematically with virtual teams in the most flexible and reliable way.

Meanwhile, we’ve helped our customers to grow and lead their digital workforce of global freelancers successfully with over 350 active freelancers in over 67 countries.

And here's your plan

Free consultation

In a free personal consultation we identify opportunities for scaling your workforce systematically with virtual teams of global freelancers.

Readiness check

With our virtual team readiness check we identify improvements of your tools, infrastructure, and workflows. You’ll get a detailled list of potential improvements and an action plan to start leading remotely with confidence.

Virtual team support

With the virtual team support you get consultation and coaching to define proper roles in your team, access to best practises for tools and workflow setup and to our HR service to source and assess the right freelancers for you.
You’ll implement your digital leadership system based on our best practises to get transparency and control over results. No expensive and long lasting consulting projects, no custom development needed. Start right away with access to our knowledge and experience in building and scaling virtual teams.
You will get experts in days not months and business results that are delivered faster and more reliable than you ever could imagine. No idea or project will ever again suffer from a lack of skills, knowledge, or capacity. You’ll experience that your workforce scales far beyond your imagination.
Those companies that leverage the power of virtual teams and access global knowledge will increase their chance of taking leadership in your market. Other companies are still held back by a local limited workforce that can’t scale in a global digital marketplace while limiting their growth potential.
Stop feeling like you are on a hamster wheel, constantly managing bottlenecks, hunting affordable and skilled talent without success and not exploiting the growth potential of your business.
Here’s the opportunity that will make you feel empowered by having the right skills and capacity for any challenge and free you and your business from local staff shortages. With a scalable workforce of global virtual teams, you can take advantage of opportunities and develop yourself and your company into a digital champion.

The difference to
freelancer platforms?

These platforms (and over 50 others on the market) provide you with access to a huuuuuge amount of global freelancers. Flash Hub helps you with leading teams of freelancers to deliver the results your want. Be sure: They work nicely together!

If you start working with global freelancers you might face the following questions:

  • How to find the best freelancers?
  • Which tools to use?
  • Which workflows to establish?
  • How to get reliable results?
  • How to get transparency over work results?

We’ve got you covered – Flash Hub provides solutions to all these problems for you by guiding you to build your own digital leadership system that enables you to lead virtual teams with confidence.

Tailored to your business


Scale your agency with virtual teams of global freelancers in the most flexible way and have your team of experts ready, when new projects demand an expert workforce.


Grow your startup without being limited to local talent and scale your team systematically and with global expertise in tech and marketing using virtual teams.


Build your digital leadership system with our expertise in tools and workflows. Bring unmet flexibility and access to global knowledge into your organization.


As a freelancer or small business you can leverage virtual teams to scale your service business to +1 Mio € p.a. of revenue without employees and without the risk of fix costs.


Scale your team with the right experts for digital marketing and technology to boost your performance in campaigns and digital projects in the most flexible way.


Get the right experts, tools and methods to scale your product development with virtual teams of global freelancers and reduce your time to market.

See virtual teams in action

See from our experience how virtual teams can scale work beyond your imagination.
Content is German, English translation will be available soon.

Cloud Migration

Social Media Marketing

Drupal Projects

Wordpress Projects

App Development

Salesforce Projects

And many more...

How do you want to scale your team?