Build a Scalable Agency and grow without skill and staff shortages.
Key learnings you can take away
  • Do you fight for skilled talent? Staff-Shortages can kill your teams performance and the entire health of your business
  • Do you try to scale with juniors? Don’t hire juniors and expect good quality fast
  • Don’t hire all-rounders that can do anything but with average or low quality
  • Do you feel pressure from high dependencies? Avoid high dependencies to individual team members and to clients
  • Transparency and control over results and progress for and in your team are most important
  • Freelancers are available faster than you could think of and deliver more reliable results as I expected
  • Somethings work looks like chaos? Structure, workflows and the right tools are key for result focused collaboration and to scale

The new agency setup

As a result of 1 year hard, expensive and sometimes desparate work with the goal to build a scalable agency, now I will show you how the complete setup looks like, how this solved all my scaling problems and how it can work for you.