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How to Improve Team Efficacy on Virtual Teams

Team efficacy is the member’s individual assessment of how the team as a whole is successful in task performance. Efficacy is important because it enables alignment between individual and team goals.  As a key element of successful high-performing teams, team efficacy is a work-related subset of collective efficacy, which defines the level of trust, solidarity,

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Self-sabotaging Habits: What Are They and How to Overcome Them

Have you ever stubbornly held to an opinion even when it is obviously not beneficial to your business strategy? Or, have you postponed making a difficult decision for the fear of creating conflict in your business relationships? Avoiding difficult things and not admitting mistakes are just two examples of self-sabotaging habits that ruin your path

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Role Clarity vs. Role Ambiguity and Work Stress

Sooner or later, you will face a poorly defined job role.  Priorities, goals, and tasks change. People come and go. The business grows. You meet real problems when you lack role clarity about your own role as a team leader.  And what happens with your team? Employees in long-standing role ambiguity become disengaged, burnt out,

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How to Reduce Meetings at Work

If you keep wanting to but don’t know how to reduce meetings, you don’t understand this one important thing: Most meetings are frustrating time-wasters asking for yet another meeting. Companies that want to reduce meetings look for either to reduce the number of meetings, reduce meeting time, or eliminate unnecessary meetings. So how do you

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How to Hire Skilled Freelancers in 10 Steps

When you need to hire skilled freelancers for the first time it can feel like a baby taking its first steps.    The choices are so overwhelming that you make many mistakes before even finding a single right fit. You start thinking that you are the problem or that freelancers are generally unreliable people.  Sourcing out

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5 Harmful Behaviors that Create Work Overload in the Workplace

Work overload in the workplace is the number one reason why people hate their job.  Or their boss. Or their job and their boss. Work overload causes stress at work. You have difficulty relaxing. The inability to cope with your to-do list and poor health are always present. That overwhelming feeling that there are just

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15 Unheard Ways To Achieve Greater Entrepreneurial Freedom

There is this little fairytale about being your own boss. The gold pot at the end of the rainbow is a sweet promise.  Who doesn’t want to reach the freedom of enslavement from the grab of an uninspiring job? Moreover, get all the deserving time and financial benefits, at last? Two-thirds of people in their

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Supervisory Styles of Victorious CEOs

Even the world’s top leaders cannot always score points for their supervisory styles. Lary Page, for example, had a difficult CEO style that led him to the idea of firing all project managers at once. As a result of such an unpopular move, he had to step down from the manager’s position in favor of

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Team Leader Role Description: Qualities of Exceptional Team Leaders

The team leader is a person formally or informally recognized as someone who guides, directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates a group of individuals with a common goal to complete a certain project.  A good team leader understands the team’s strengths and weaknesses and what motivates each team member to achieve team objectives.  The team leader

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Guide to Living an Independent Life for Business Owners

The idea of living a life independent from the usual constraints of business is not an illusion. But you cannot live fully independently if you believe in doing it all by yourself while perpetually spinning the hamster wheel. To use a Tolstoy analogy: “All independent businessmen are alike, each dependent businessmen are dependent in their own

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How to Motivate People at Work

What you need to do to motivate people is to take an active approach to foster motivation, but also — stop demotivating them.  So, how can you foster team motivation and stop demotivating already motivated people?  To answer that question, we need to learn what motivation is and the types of motivation driving people towards

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How to Stay Focused like a Champion

If you ask a professional Olympic diver how to stay focused, they won’t have a problem defining the very moment of highest focus: it is seconds before they take the plunge into the pool until they touch the water with the head. In that brief time, they have gathered all skills, experience, and practice to

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