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Business Stress Management: Definition, Benefits, and Strategies

Why is business stress management important? We have all noticed an underperforming employee.  They stick out of the crowd because stress is written all over their face.  Or their projects.  If 94% of all Americans report feeling stressed in 2019, does it mean they all underperform? Probably, and we are evaluating the quality of work

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How to Build Your Ability to Delegate as a Leader

The ability to delegate as a leader is a core leadership skill. Usually, managers delegate tasks to employees, but delegation can occur among team members, too. What is the Ability to Delegate as a Leader? The ability to delegate in leadership is a skill that entrusts leaders with confidence and trust that the delegated task

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Strategies for Stress Management in the Workplace (+Risk Assessment Template)

Every workplace is vocal about the harmful effects of stress and swears to the already applied techniques and strategies for stress management in the workplace. But stress persists. Why is that? First, we need to accept that stress is a normal part of life and cannot be completely annihilated. Second, we need to understand the

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22 Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating and Do the Work

We all know that procrastination delays the achievement of our goals but we do it anyway.   Even if we call people procrastinators, procrastination is not exactly a character trait. Procrastination is a way to deal with emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear of failure, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence. Self-awareness about the so-called “benefits” of

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How to Increase Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the one skill you need if you want to live a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life. When respected, self-disciplined behavior is extremely rewarding. When disrespected, it delivers the worst punishments. If you run your own business, you are probably an example of self-discipline. But even the most resolute among us sometimes fail to

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How to Handle Pressure at Work

Pressure is a weird thing. A small dose lets you grow wings and your business, too.  Too much pressure and you end up making bad decisions, ruining your health, and getting action paralysis.  Image credit ©Visual Generation via What is Workplace Pressure? Workplace pressure is an experience of tension associated with current or anticipated

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How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

Nothing is good or bad per se, including stress, anxiety, and fear. Small doses of these negatively colored emotions can do you good.  Most entrepreneurs have had their biggest growth spurt after significant stress happened. The company went bankrupt, a whole team left before a looming million-dollar deadline, or a best friend turned into an

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Top 10 Self-Limiting Beliefs in the Workplace

People who have strong self-limiting beliefs often find evidence in support of what they believe. The more they search for limits, the more they find them.  If you find yourself in this description, don’t beat yourself up. Everyone constrains their potential in some way. But people who grow and expand find ways to overcome their

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How to Improve Team Efficacy on Virtual Teams

Team efficacy is the member’s individual assessment of how the team as a whole is successful in task performance. Efficacy is important because it enables alignment between individual and team goals.  As a key element of successful high-performing teams, team efficacy is a work-related subset of collective efficacy, which defines the level of trust, solidarity,

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Self-sabotaging Habits: What Are They and How to Overcome Them

Have you ever stubbornly held to an opinion even when it is obviously not beneficial to your business strategy? Or, have you postponed making a difficult decision for the fear of creating conflict in your business relationships? Avoiding difficult things and not admitting mistakes are just two examples of self-sabotaging habits that ruin your path

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Role Clarity vs. Role Ambiguity and Work Stress

Sooner or later, you will face a poorly defined job role.  Priorities, goals, and tasks change. People come and go. The business grows. You meet real problems when you lack role clarity about your own role as a team leader.  And what happens with your team? Employees in long-standing role ambiguity become disengaged, burnt out,

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How to Reduce Meetings at Work

If you keep wanting to but don’t know how to reduce meetings, you don’t understand this one important thing: Most meetings are frustrating time-wasters asking for yet another meeting. Companies that want to reduce meetings look for either to reduce the number of meetings, reduce meeting time, or eliminate unnecessary meetings. So how do you

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