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5 Hidden Benefits of Remote Staff Hiring

I hardly doubt anyone reading this is new to remote staff hiring. You probably have your fair share of excellent virtual employees, as well as a few disappointing stories. By now, it is plainly obvious that you cannot rely on local talent only. If you still believe in filling in the talent gap with candidates

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How to Hire the Right People

Everyone knows how to hire the right people when they have months to complete the recruitment. But what if you have just a week? Or 48 hours? That’s when things get really complicated. Hiring the right person for the job comes down to nailing skills, personality, and availability. To hire the right people consistently, you

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Solving the Tech Talent Shortage with Workplace Creativity

We got used to the never-ending demand for front-end developers. Social and cultural changes that led to the demand for new IT jobs created a new reality for the lack of skilled talent.  According to a Forrester report, predictions about 2022 extend the tech talent shortage beyond the IT sector. One of the most densely

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Supervisory Styles of Victorious CEOs

Even the world’s top leaders cannot always score points for their supervisory styles. Lary Page, for example, had a difficult CEO style that led him to the idea of firing all project managers at once. As a result of such an unpopular move, he had to step down from the manager’s position in favor of

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5 Secrets for Creating High-performing Teams (#2 Works Every Time!)

Leading high-performance teams can be a dream job or a complete nightmare.  If you want to stay away from nightmarish team failure, developing a high-performing team starts with you – the manager.  You have to be a high performer yourself, and know what to ask from your team. So, what does a high-performance team have

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Cross-team Collaboration Techniques to Keep You on Track

Cross-team collaboration is a process that brings together groups from various work areas with different skills to find joint solutions to common problems and execute group goals. Why managing cross-functional teams is important for growing a business?  Work has changed. You cannot rely on conventional structures anymore. There is more risk, novelty, disruption, and unpredictability.

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How to Create Workflow Management for Any Project

Yes, workflow management is not sexy. But it is a crucial aspect of your business acumen: it makes your daily work life simple, establishes the ground rules for you and your team, and frees you time to concentrate on goals and objectives. How you manage workflow is a deal-breaker. If your team doesn’t have an

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Do You Need to Follow the “5 Roles In a Team” Rule by the Book?

You need a new team, not now but yesterday. The one you have doesn’t meet the objectives of a new goal. A team member left. A new project gets underway.  You wonder if you have the slightest idea how many people you need and what their job description will be, let alone know their full

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Shopify Apps: Build Your Shopify Store in 120 Hours

One-fifth of e-commerce stores use Shopify apps to sell.  Shopify is one of the best ways to set up an e-commerce business, falling behind only after WooCommerce. Selling on Shopify has grown in 2020 by a whopping 86% compared to 2019. Considering its convenience and level of customer support, It is no wonder that so

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Scrum Workflow: How to Adjust it For Any Project Type

A lack of structure in day-to-day tasks is a major obstacle to running a successful business. A solid structure is even more essential if you have a team you need to keep an eye on or scale a company. Scrum workflows provide such a receptive structure that helps you focus on the important stuff.   What

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How to Create Structure with a Flexible Work Schedule

Starting work late.  Getting enough sleep and not depending on the alarm clock.  Having time for family in the mornings.  Scheduling the workout before work.  Logging off early and having a dinner hangout with friends – what a bliss!  Getting a long lunch break and continuing with the work late in the evening when you

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QA: Quality Assurance in Project Management

Quality assurance (QA) is a process of verifying quality standards through inspection to ensure that the outcome meets standardization and quality requirements for a product or a service.  QA can be: Internal (when a company sets its quality standards) or External (when those quality standards require an external formal audit, authorization, or approval). Internal QA

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