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How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

“When dealing with difficult people, remember not to become one yourself.” So, how to deal with difficult people at work constructively? The first step is to ask yourself what makes a person difficult. A difficult person is someone who lacks empathy and concern for others. People in the dark triad bunch are notoriously known to

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How to Regulate Dopamine Levels

The reason you may be interested in regulating dopamine levels is that this reward chemical boosts motivation and drive.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to achievement and accomplishments. Balanced dopamine levels make you creative, focused, energetic, productive, and social. Dopamine also helps you learn fast and be better at solving problems. Entrepreneurs have higher dopamine

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How to Get Things Done with Agile Software Development Teams

Agile software development teams are small groups of committed developers who work on software projects together either in-house or by recreating the proximity virtually, following the best practices of agile software development methodology.  Although the first agile team structure was created with software projects in mind, the agile principles of flexibility, responsiveness, and incremental value

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How to Smash Freelance Marketing Consultancy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person who handles all your marketing conundrums while you create, strategize, and lead a booming business, and cut corners at the same time? Such a magician exists. It is called a marketing consultant.  But a consultant costs an arm and a leg, especially when charging unrealistic consultancy fees

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Competency Gap Analysis: Skills Into Context

One thing is for sure: you need competent people to do a good job.  If you want to do a better job in a certain area, you need to hire talent with competencies you miss at the moment. To address the areas where you have a shortage, it is important to understand the difference between

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5 Benefits of Remote Staff Hiring

I hardly doubt anyone reading this is new to remote staff hiring. You probably have your fair share of excellent virtual employees, as well as a few disappointing stories. By now, it is plainly obvious that you cannot rely on local talent only. If you still believe in filling in the talent gap with candidates

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How to Hire the Right People

Everyone knows how to hire the right people when they have months to complete the recruitment. But what if you have just a week? Or 48 hours? That’s when things get really complicated. Hiring the right person for the job comes down to nailing skills, personality, and availability. To hire the right people consistently, you

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Solving the Tech Talent Shortage with Workplace Creativity

We got used to the never-ending demand for front-end developers. Social and cultural changes that led to the demand for new IT jobs created a new reality for the lack of skilled talent.  According to a Forrester report, predictions about 2022 extend the tech talent shortage beyond the IT sector. One of the most densely

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Supervisory Styles of Victorious CEOs

Even the world’s top leaders cannot always score points for their supervisory styles. Lary Page, for example, had a difficult CEO style that led him to the idea of firing all project managers at once. As a result of such an unpopular move, he had to step down from the manager’s position in favor of

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5 Secrets for Creating High-performing Teams (#2 Works Every Time!)

Leading high-performance teams can be a dream job or a complete nightmare.  If you want to stay away from nightmarish team failure, developing a high-performing team starts with you – the manager.  You have to be a high performer yourself, and know what to ask from your team. So, what does a high-performance team have

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Cross-team Collaboration Techniques to Keep You on Track

You can have as many cross-team collaboration techniques as you have teams. Todays’s changing nature of work requires you to change them quickly to grow and scale. How can you improve team performance across your many teams? What is Cross-team Collaboration? Cross-team collaboration is a process that brings together groups from various work areas with

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How to Create Workflow Management for Any Project

Yes, workflow management is not sexy. But it is a crucial aspect of your business acumen: it makes your daily work life simple, establishes the ground rules for you and your team, and frees you time to concentrate on goals and objectives. How you manage workflow is a deal-breaker. If your team doesn’t have an

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