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Guide to Living an Independent Life for Business Owners

The idea of living a life independent from the usual constraints of business is not an illusion. But you cannot live fully independently if you believe in doing it all by yourself while perpetually spinning the hamster wheel. To use a Tolstoy analogy: “All independent businessmen are alike, each dependent businessmen are dependent in their own

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How Freelance Web Designers Can Increase Your Profit

Freelance web designers constitute a large portion of freelance online marketplaces. They are in high demand. Businesses turn to freelance creatives to capture the visual essence of their business. The business value of design translates into excellent first impressions, increased trust, and a boost of company authority. What Does a Freelance Website Designer Do?  A

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How to Deal with Uncertainty in the Gig Economy

The gig economy model gives space to workers to trade job skills on a free market in short time commitments outside conventional employee contracts and schemes. The most common comparison used to distinguish gig economy workers from traditional employees is that of an aspiring musician or band. That band is always on the lookout for

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Common Myths About Freelancers and How to Dispel Them

Have you ever been ghosted by a freelancer? No emails, no work, no feedback. Nothing at all from a person who was at your full disposal just moments ago, and is now nowhere to be found. Your devoted project partner just turned into a ghost! The project is at a halt, the budget keeps draining down the hole, and you need to solve the problem – fast! This is just an example of the many freelance horror stories that raise unnecessary fears in clients. You must have had your own share of poor experiences with bad freelancers – those that come with a creepy feeling that your project is destined for a fail and doomsday is just around the corner. In that brief moment, you think that hell is on Earth! How come you didn’t notice those freelancer red flags on time?

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