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Rethinking the Business Hierarchy Chart for New Work

Do you rely on charts, templates,  and workflows?  It is a safe bet to say you do use visually organized information to make sense of your company hierarchy.  If you don’t have a written business chart, you probably have one in your head. (BTW, you should write it down!) And if your current business hierarchy

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How to Build an In-house Agency with Freelancers

Most of the big brand names have an in-house agency.  Think of Procter & Gamble, Kellog, and Nike. They all have internal teams that work on their brand development.  “It is easy for them,” you may say, referring to the fact that they have liberal budgets and can do whatever they want with their marketing

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Building an Agency as a Side Hustle in 2020

Building an agency seems complicated as a full-time job. But can you grow an agency as a side hustle? If it looks impossible to run a digital agency in uncertain times, you haven’t considered doing it as a side hustle job. We could all use novel ideas about how to scale an agency in 2020.

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New Work: How to Take the Leap into the Future of Work

You may have already heard about new work, new pay, and the future of work. You are wondering what hides behind those concepts. Unless you have already transitioned into new work and accumulated some experience, the concept sounds vague. However, with a little bit of introduction into the idea, the concept will become less of

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Virtual Frontier Episode 21 featuring Stephan Grabmeier

Stephan, Manuel und Daniel sprachen über sein Buch, und darüber, wie Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen aktiv zu New Work beitragen und zukunftsfähige Geschäftsstrategien entwickeln können.

33 minutes read time

Virtual Frontier Episode 20 featuring Nikolai Ladanyi

Manuel and Nikolai talked about the key factors for successful scaling, and why the vast majority of start-ups and SME’s struggle with scaling.

25 minutes read time

Virtual Frontier Episode 19 featuring Derek Gallimore

Manuel and Derek had a discussion about the future of a globalized workforce, and how the perspective on outsourcing is shifting over the last years, due to the constant technology advancements.

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Virtual Frontier Episode 18 featuring Alois Wever

Alois, Manuel und Daniel hatten eine spannende Unterhaltung zum Thema orts- und zeitunabhängiges Arbeiten. Sowohl bei Julitec wie auch bei Flash Hub stehen die Zeichen ganz auf remote.

28 minutes read time

Virtual Frontier Episode 17 featuring Bernd Geropp

Bernd is a C-level executive coach. He helps managers get the most out of their team, avoid burnout and increase engagement and productivity. Bernd has a long trajectory in leading businesses.

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Virtual Frontier Episode 16 featuring Natalija Banic

Natalija and Manuel had an awesome conversation about flexiblity and what kind of flexibility freelancers can provide your business.

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Virtual Frontier Episode 15 featuring Nadine Nobile

Nadine is the founder of CO:X. She also recently published a book called New Work-New Pay that is already on the Amazon bestseller list for HR and Human Resource Management.

34 minutes read time

Virtual Frontier Episode 14 featuring Florian Michalik

Why virtual teams actually work. Florian Michalik is an expert on New Work, Distance Collaboration and Future Leadership.

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