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19 No-Nonsense Growth Marketing Hacks for Virtual Teams

This blog post is not a lecture on the greatest growth marketing hacks. Instead of spending time on growth hacking theory, here you will find practical solutions.  The essence of growth hacker marketing is to start implementing matter-of-fact tips. If you are the head of growth in your company, this is your growth hacking workbook. 

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How to Use Facebook Advertising to Win New Clients

Facebook advertising is a powerful marketing tool. When used correctly, it will let you see an increase in revenue almost instantly.  Facebook Ads Manager allows you to be customer-specific, for instance: Micro-target your audience. Chase a specific campaign objective. Rerun a Facebook ad to an already engaged customer.  But running Facebook ads is not as

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Virtual Team Building Activities: 3 Team Feeling Energizers You Can Implement Today

Virtual team building challenges aren’t identical to what you encounter in an office. You cannot organize outdoor virtual team building activities and have your team highly engaged in sports. Team building for remote teams is online. Each employee sits alone in their virtual cubicle (recently, in their home office) while trying to maintain team cohesiveness

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Digital Transformation Strategy: How to Rescue Your Business with Virtual Teams

A business strategy that relies on processes happening on a computer screen can be intimidating. When your team members show up as virtual profiles or via Zoom calls, work can be tiresome, frustrating, and ineffective. Above all, it can signal business losses. Due to the giant change accompanying digital transformation strategy examples in the real

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Shopify Developer Freelancers: How to Build and Lead a Strong E-Commerce Team

The key reason that differentiates a Shopify developer from other e-commerce website designers is the capacity to provide a narrow specialty in a worldwide e-commerce platform that can stand and effectively perform on its own, as well as be integrated with other CMS. Shopify Benefits You Can Ask from Your Developer Shopify keeps happy modern

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How to Grow Your Startup with Virtual Teams

The easiest way to grow your startup is not the most comfortable one: discomfort typically accompanies growth. You have to be ready to face some pains and evolve into something new and unfamiliar. Remaining stuck in the old is out of the question.  Replacing the local work mindset with virtual team collaboration is an effective

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