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Scrum Workflow: How to Adjust it For Any Project Type

A lack of structure in day-to-day tasks is a major obstacle to running a successful business. A solid structure is even more essential if you have a team you need to keep an eye on or scale a company. Scrum workflows provide such a receptive structure that helps you focus on the important stuff.   What

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Quality vs Quantity: Which One Should You Compromise?

The issue of quality vs. quantity is old as the hills.  You can do a job better but longer or do it faster, but with inferior quality.  Quality wins in the long run. We must awe customers. One might say – let’s always choose quality then, correct? Not so fast.  Quality vs. Quantity in Business

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5 Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

As a common water cooler topic or a conversation starter between friends, managing workplace stress is a problem for almost everyone. But can talking about stress at work help you deal with it? Yes, to release some of the burdens and ease down the symptoms. No, if you want to cut to the core of

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Talent Acquisition Team: What Is It and Do You Need One

Businesses that rely on a talent acquisition team have excellent chances of minimizing recruiting oversights. They are adept at hiring the right person for the job and aligning job vacancies with the business strategy.  When you hit a significant milestone and need new talent to identify opportunities and grow your business, your talent acquisition strategy

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4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss: At Your Fingertips

Time is a finite resource. You only have that many hours in this world—end of story. If you don’t find ways to manage your most valuable resource well, your business will inevitably suffer.  That was the issue for the now-iconic Tim Ferriss, too, whose ”4-Hour Workweek” book is still the Bible of innovative time management.  The book

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Top 10 Interview Questions to Ask First-time Employees

You have to hire someone fast.  The new employee must be reliable and know their stuff. You are fed up with hiring the wrong people because you missed inquiring about essential job elements during the hiring interview.  So now you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. You want to go full speed ahead. Projects

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How to Scale a Business Fast with Freelancers

“I want new clients”. “Hiring the best people is a challenge.” “I have too much work.” “A huge workload is stressing me.” Do you find yourself repeating the above statements? Welcome to the world of the typical business leader who wants to scale a business fast but struggles to do so.  You are not alone

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What is Delegation, Delegating Tasks, and How to Delegate Effectively

There is no such a thing as a single-handed success – even the top-performing business leaders need assistance. Successful delegation is a critical skill for growing a business. Delegating tasks leaves you time to focus on strategic work.  What is Delegation?  Delegation at work is the process of distributing and entrusting tasks to another team member. 

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10 Rules to Make Money from Home with a Freelance Team

To make money from home, you have to make a solid-gold choice that fits your schedule and complements your skills. Your skills must be marketable, and the ability to sell must be among your top priorities. It makes sense if you want to make money online from home because working online requires a minimal setup. 

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How Freelance Web Designers Can Increase Your Profit

Freelance web designers constitute a large portion of freelance online marketplaces. They are in high demand. Businesses turn to freelance creatives to capture the visual essence of their business. The business value of design translates into excellent first impressions, increased trust, and a boost of company authority. What Does a Freelance Website Designer Do?  A

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Rev Ops Hacks: The Secret to Building a Strong Revenue Operations Team

Upgrading revenue operations is a goal for all businesses that want to drive growth. To boost your revenue operations, you need to change the team’s organizational structure and create a new framework of how you sell, market, and keep customers happy.  But what exactly is revenue operations, also called Rev Ops (or RevOps)? Is it

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19 Growth Marketing Hacks for Virtual Teams

This blog post is not a lecture on the greatest growth marketing hacks. Instead of spending time on growth hacking theory, here you will find practical solutions.  The essence of growth hacker marketing is to start implementing matter-of-fact tips. If you are the head of growth in your company, this is your growth hacking workbook. 

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