That’s how everything started with a hug crash in 2018

I started as a freelancer, grew to 43 local employees, +80h work weeks, almost burned out and ended in a huge project crash. Luckily I found a way out and this helped me transform my first business to a “self-managing business” and with that experience, we’ve helped over 700 other business owners scale business success, freedom and happiness.

Dennis Lazard – SEO and Google Ad Agency

He started as a freelancer with revenue below 10k € per month. After 12 months, Dennis increased his revenues to over 490.000 € per year (~40-50k € per month). His profitability increased by over 200% and his workload dropped significantly thanks to a productized offer, a sales system and a self-managing team.

Daan Bak – Sales consultant

Daan started with “nothing in place” selling his time for money. With our microtests he found out exactly what his clients really wanted, created a productized offer to charge much higher prices for less work and in only 4 months his business grew to 20K EUR revenue with 90% profit. Now is growing towards 7 figures this year.

Shortly before X-Mas 2023, Darren was about to give up his agency as he was working 17 hours a day, 7 days a week, and he had no time for his young family. Also, profits were just as good as in a salary job. Not what he wanted as a business owner. He implemented our systems in only 3 weeks and saw his agency growing from 22K to 35K revenue per month, 65% higher profits, and most importantly: He got his life back and can go on holidays with his family without a laptop. Systems and a self-managing team operate his agency predictably without him.
Adam Karasch

Adam worked with us on most of our services. He achieved business success with more revenue, higher profits and got a happier life with less work and less stress. Just watch the video, it says more than any words can say.

Ari Bizimis, E-Commerce Marketing Team (inhouse)

Ari came to us with the problem that his marketing team didn’t know how to grow his business online with paid ads. He had a small team and some agencies to run Facebook ads but the campaigns didn’t generate profitable results. With our “progressive funnel” system, microtests and a lean and focused team setup, his revenues increased 3x to high 7 figures per year and his business got a lot more profitable.

Geri Nunes, Recruitment agency

Geri started from close to 0, just had a few recommendations from friends. He productized his main offer, tested it, found product market fit and won ~30 high-ticket (10k EUR each) clients. With his sales funnel, he gets new clients consistently and the structured offer makes it easy to onboard great freelancers fast to deliver his services.

Marius Tyranowski, Reply42 SEO services

Marius productized his SEO services and winning clients became kind of a “home run” as clients buy his productized service without discussions, even after he already increased his prices 6 times. He decided to go with Flash Hub as he saw proven practical experience and did a deep background check.

Sustainability Consultant

Jessi was a freelance consultant. She started with Flash Hub and in just 6 months she packaged her custom consulting services into productized offers, built an automated lead generation process, won 7 high-ticket clients and a full pipeline of hot leads that want to work with her. She has built her quality standard and onboarded 2 Freelancers that take ownership for some of the deliverables in her offers. Creating proposals only takes 15-20 minutes which is a huge time-saver for her.

Lorenz Brockmann, Consultant

Lorenz started to work with us as he didn’t have a system to win enough clients. He already tried working with other agencies but didn’t get results. With our data-driven way he found out exactly which pain points his potential clients have, he built an automated sales funnel, won his first client and after some weeks he got so many leads and clients that he had to stop the funnel and prepare the delivery to scale further.

Web Development Agency

Juri started as a freelancer and depended on tenders, portals and hope. Clients always wanted individual services and this created a “big mess” as you hear him saying. He had no experience in digital marketing and sales. Juri decided to implement his sales funnel and after his funnel was up and running, he got his first client after 2-3 weeks, and many other requests, even from companies with 200+ employees.

Tom Welgemoed, Inge Combrink – Decision Crew (6 employees)

When Tom started he was stressed out a lot as everything depended on him in sales and service delivery. His single employee, Inge, was overwhelmed by so much work they had to do jumping between so many different things. Tom was looking for a system to grow and operate his business – and he found it with Flash Hub. Now they win clients without huge effort and work gets done a lot more structured by a team of 6 people.

Boris Schrenzel, E-Commerce B2B

My biggest problem was that there were so many mistakes in execution. Not a single project went without mistakes. The same mistakes always came back and I had +55 hours of work per week. I had to put my nose in every work.
If you have better people and better business, it is a big game changer!
Number of failures decreased by 90%, things get done with minimal input from me and I have much less stress over the day. And now my calendar has a lot of free space so that he can focus on strategy work.
It is a huge change!

Paul Ardeleanu, Marketing Agency

Paul was able to increase his revenues by 56% and 2x his profits in less than 1 year.

Now with your framework and the steps you walk me through, I have scalable systems.
I said to my wife, after I bought the program, this will be our “ticket” to freedom! If I apply everything that this person says in my business, we will become free and with a successful business. Now I’m on the road to that.

Ben Libberton, Lead generation agency

Ben cam to Flash Hub with a business that depended 100% on him. He was grinding all day and hit a growth plateau as he was involved in the business way too many hours. He productized his service, and systemized the fulfillment with a digital leadership system and now he can lead his 6 figure agency with only 10h per week which creates space to enjoy his life, and his family and focus on strategic work ON the business, not just work IN the business.

Adam Karasch (Case Study 1)

Before I met you and Flash Hub, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two-year period to find experts that would grow my business to the next level. But I didn’t find them.

Right from the beginning, I started to receive more value from you than you told me you would give me, and you continue to do that. I don’t know how you do it. I’ve been with you for about a year now and you just continue to open new doors for me and help my business grow and help me grow as a business owner.

Jorge Miguel Fonseca, In-House Agency 10 people

As the first step, Jorge escaped being the management bottleneck for his team.
Then he started to standardize the service offers, and build a quality standard for his podcast creation service. With this quality standard and the digital leadership system, the knowledge is persistent as digital assets in his business and new people can be onboarded fast.
As a next step, he will implement this system at scale for all services and boost efficiency of service delivery for the entire group of all business with 1000 sales people he serves with his team.

Alex Thomson
Growth Gurus
(Growth hacking agency)

“Thanks to Manuel, I can now manage my team with 1h per day.
It is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Joel Erway, Marketing Agency

Joel Erway
Marketing Agency

“Before I worked with Flash Hub, I spent 80-100k EUR for without success. Finally, I found an all-in solution to scale my agency, my team already works without me and my marketing system attracts the right clients without me. I can’t recommend it enough.

Sofian Saoudi, Software Agency

Sofian Saoudi
Software Agency

“ I never want to go back to the old way of leading an agency with only a local team. With Flash Hub finally our agency scales, performance increased tremendously, our agency is more profitable than before and can deliver full service to our customers. Flash Hub helped us as a strong partner to succeed.”

Ralf Hendel Founder and CEO
Bright Solutions Hamburg GmbH

“Hi Manuel,

My agency is 11 years old, I have 8 employees and I have almost always worked with freelancers too.

But all your support, forced me to put my nose into my own sh** and consider :

1) that my way of doing things has limits (that part I already noticed, but ignored with the bad excuse : « I don’t have time and things are going well for us »)
2) It can change (that is the new part).

For now, I’m feeling a bit brainwashed (or « flashed », Men in Black way of being flashed^^) and I need some time to « structure » all that in my head, on our tools, in the brains of our team etc. but I’m convinced I’ll be very soon able to :

1) Reduce my stress and the stress of my employees
2) Work more on the business than in the business in order to improve the system
3) Have a better life (if I manage to work less then 65 hours a week I’ll consider that as a great result)
4) Scale my agency

Thank you again Manuel and have a great day!
À bientôt !”

Tjark Tilberis CEO and Founder of "C'est qui Maurice ?"