This System Got
By The
European Commission

In 2018 the European Commission awarded this system with the Seal of Excellence to certify it as a concept that offers a high value for many other service based companies.

This system was awarded as a “High Quality” approach in a “Highly competitive evaluation process” by independent experts from all over Europe. Due to its first use in IT and digital marketing projects in 2018, this award was focused on IT projects. In the meantime we have seamlessly transferred the system to all types of digital work.

You'll learn how to

1) build a flexible on-demand talent pool

✅ 2) the structures and systems required

✅ 3) fill 4 core roles every team needs

✅ 4) use KPIs to monitor performance effectively

✅ 5) boost productivity with freelancers and AI tools

Real examples presented:

✅ 1) B2B marketing and sales team

✅ 2) E-Commerce marketing team

✅ 3) Agile web & app development team

✅ 4) Global cloud support team

5) Use Cases you think are impossible!

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