Which B2B lead generation strategies did you use in 2021? 

Did you hire a company that provides B2B lead generation services?

Outsourced the sales process to get as many B2B sales leads without employing your own sales team? 

While there are benefits to outsourced B2B lead generation and having a fantastic sales and marketing team, you can cut costs and simplify things by automating sales funnel pipelines with paid ads.

How easy it is for one business to sell to another business? Not a cherry pie, right? 

Lack of effective data, creating valuable content, and relying on manual lead generation methods are among the common challenges for marketers.

And more leads mean more sales. So it is no wonder you are constantly alert to opportunities about generating leads.

But are you good at it?

B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2022

Companies generate B2B sales leads by engaging in one or more of the following lead generation strategies:

  • A/B page testing
  • Valuable content with impact
  • Social proof
  • Free lead generation tools
  • Engagement on industry forums
  • Landing page improvements
  • In-depth YouTube videos
  • Creative email campaigns
  • Guest posting
  • Long-tail keyword optimization

To some extent, all of these work. You shouldn’t leave out one for the sake of another. But most of the above examples are playing the (too) long game.

To get guaranteed results (after you do some testing), your best B2B lead generation strategy is paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

How to Get B2B Sales Leads with Paid Ads

Automated paid ads are not as hot as the rush you get when completing a tough sale in person. All joking aside, they can be too technical, bland, and unappealing. But when they work, they just do, leaving you plenty of time to get that terrific sense of accomplishment from your bank account.

Paid advertising makes the top on the list of B2B lead generation strategies to nurture in 2022. Especially, if you need to do budget savings and spending money on all fronts is out of the question. Getting B2B sales leads with paid ads works because you can create automated pipelines, use cold and warm audiences, and run your business on autopilot.

Learn more: How to Get the Business Freedom You Crave 

b2b lead generation strategies1. Automated B2B Sales Pipelines

Automated paid campaigns save you hours of manual work, cold calling, social media networking, email nurturing, and content creation. 

You can generate most B2B sales leads with paid ads from Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook for the following reasons:

  • Google Ads — target ads to a virtually unlimited relevant audience, manage costs, measure campaign success, get faster results than with organic SEO, comprehensive analytics software, engage visitors from niche markets.   
  • Facebook Ads — reach a wide socially engaged audience, align B2C and B2B sales campaigns, target competitors, create psychographic funnels, use a variety of ad formats. 
  • LinkedIn Ads — reach to professionally engaged and educated audience with a larger income, target business-specific visitor variables, send ads via the internal messaging platforms, improve B2B conversion rates. 

You can start growing automatically. The point is to set up the B2B sales funnel in a way that brings you maximum ROI. 

2. Cold Campaigns and Retargeting

Google ads, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads work for cold audiences and retargeting.

What are Cold Audiences?

Cold audiences are people who have not yet had any contact or engagement with your website’s content. They literally have no clue that your business exists. Cold campaigns target cold audiences to warm them up in your sales funnel. Nurturing cold traffic to become hot leads and eventually customers is the main purpose of any funnel. 

3. Paid Ads Retargeting

Retargeting is a lead generation and nurturing strategy that helps you show paid ads to existing visitors, engaged audience, and leads from your contact database. 

Pixel Retargeting

For example, businesses use the “annoying” cookies to memorize a visitor’s browser and retarget them with paid ads. This is the so-called pixel retargeting

b2b lead generation strategies pixel retargeting

List Retargeting

There is also list retargeting which uses contacts you already have more information for. The advantage of list retargeting is you can use it for segmentation by creating various lists of potential customers based on specific demographics and psychographics. 

On LinkedIn for example, you can target leads by job title or job description. Such lists bring you closer to people who will be more interested in your product or services simply because your offer provides a solution to something they deal with every day.

Retargeting helps you personalize messages, which is an effective B2B lead generation strategy in a world where businesses become increasingly more personal.   

  1. Define the perfect buyer persona
  2. Create 1st round of ads
  3. Build Offer No.1 — ‘Squeeze’ page
  4. Create 2nd round of ads and email campaign
  5. Build Offer No.2 — ‘Sales’ page
  6. Measure KPIs

b2b lead generation strategies funnel

Omnipresence marketing is not dead. You can create content, send emails, and even do cold calls.

But automated funnels are game-changers among the B2B lead generation strategies.  

With just a few clicks on a button, you can create a cost-effective sales pipeline you can tweak based on measured KPIs. 

generate leads with a b2b sales funnel


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