Welcome to the Virtual Frontier

Flash Hub is excited to announce our new podcast, the Virtual Frontier. The Virtual Frontier is a podcast about virtual teams that is created by a virtual team. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the show. We’re going to have episodes dedicated to tips and how-tos featuring our founder Manuel Pistner. We’re also going to have guests from all over the globe that have experience with virtual teams talk about what they’ve learned.

Here is the trailer:


You can subscribe to the Virtual Frontier and leave a review on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotifyStitcher or anywhere else podcasts are found.

Listen to the rest of the episodes of the Virtual Frontier on our blog.


Rock solid concepts for project plans that deliver the base for your project’s success


Our project assessment tool guides you on what process, technology and virtual team skills you will need to get things done faster.


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