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The 5 key-results you can expect: 

1) Automate the service delivery with AI 

2) Reduce failures  from your team by up to 90% 

3) Manage your team with only 1h per day 

4) Earn 500-1000€ per hour for the same services you currently provide with much higher profitability and very little costs

5) Automate sales with a progressive AI sales funnel

Additionally, if you provide your individual services with an AI delivery system...

- you'll build a strong USP and stand out from your competitors

- you and your team can attract and servce a lot more clients

- you can use your standardized service offer, build an automated sales funnel and win clients online on autopilot.

Your AI delivery system and your automated sales funnel build the growth engine to scale your business with high profits and relaxed workdays.

STOP 50-80h work weeks

STOP high failure rates
STOP endless meetings
STOP growing fixed costs
STOP talent dependencies  

With the AI delivery system and your sales funnel connected, you'll be able to scale your business to get the profits and the freedom you want as a business owner.

Here are the 6 main implementation steps

1) We simplify your offers by creating a service catalog from your past client work, projects and services. You can easily combine the standardized deliverables of your service catalog into high-value-high-profit "productized" offers to close deals faster and charge much higher prices (500-1000€ per hour are not far away).

2) We clone your knowledge into AI templates for each deliverable. These templates contain dynamic ChatGPT prompts and clearly defined variables you need as input from your client. The input to these variables is easy to collect from your clients and they help you structure your onboarding calls.

3) We help you train and motivate your team to use these AI templates for service delivery. They can simply fill in the variables from the customer onboarding call, copy&paste the prompt to ChatGPT, copy the result back to the AI template, copy the next prompt etc. and create very consistent results. This works for simple work and for highly complex and creative work.

4) I'll show you how you can install this AI delivery system in your project management tool (Jira, Monday, Asana, Clickup, Trello, Notion etc) to start new projects fast and with a standardized process

5) I'll give you all the structures, leadership training, tools and a KPI-based leadership system you can use to manage your team with only 1 hour per day and oversee results and progress with KPIs.

6) Optional: I'll help you build an automated sales funnel to attract high-quality leads for your offer and I'll create a sales closing script to enroll new clients with high sales-closing rates.

All this is exactly what you need to scale your business to with high profits and relaxed workdays while you just oversee a self-managing team and smoothly delivered services and projects using your AI delivery system.

You'll be working less, and earning more, and your business is scaling up to get you the profits and the freedom you want. 

OK, so who the heck is offering this?

My name is Manuel Pistner. 

I'm not just the person who wrote this page for you.

I'm a business owner like you.

I've been through the rollercoaster of growing a business without proper structures, systems and automation - just depending on manual work.

I experienced firsthand how the wrong setup can crash important projects and an entire business and how this almost bankrupted me in the process before I turned the ship around to scale. 

So I'm here to help you skip the drama and take the shortcut to run your business well-structured, self-managing and powered by AI to achieve high profits and relaxed workdays.

Where is the issue?

There's only one issue. 
I can only work with 10 motivated agency owners at the same time as I provide very personal support and I only a few seats left to cooperate with other agency owners. 

I expect these seats to be filled soon and then this offer will close. 

So if this all sounds like an easier and more profitable way for you to grow your agency, I recommend you request your strategy session right today. 

So you might be wondering why I offer this strategy session for free. 

It's because I know how hard it can be to be left in the dark with crazy workloads, and inconsistent hacks that just take you further away from the growth, the profits and the freedom you want.

But of course, it is also kind of selfish because I really enjoy seeing the smile on the faces of agency owners like you once they realize how much easier and more profitable it can be to run an agency. 

The business model of an agency is one of the biggest opportunities in our digital world. 

You just have to implement it the right way and take advantage of our megatrends, namely AI, remote work, global freelancers and automation

You cannot just rely on manual work

So if you want me to clone your knowledge into an AI-powered delivery system, help you transition your team to a self-managing team that only needs you one hour per day, and sell your services on autopilot with an automated sales funnel that will scale your agency to 6- six or 7-figures with crazy profits and relaxed workdays for you, then book your free strategy session right now.

I will get back to you in one to three days after reviewing the information you gave me and we will meet to create your individual action plan.

Of course, I'll answer all your questions, and give you the pricing and all details so you can make a well-informed decision in the next few days. 

Request your 1-on-1 strategy session

See what other clients achieved with us even before AI was available

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We reduced failures by 90% and work gets done with minimum input from me. Results were there close to immediate. It's a huge change, really. 

Boris Schrenzel

Which work can you automat with AI?

We've built different tools to help you deliver services with AI. 

We provide 2 ready-to-use tools to:

1) Generate high-quality and very consistent concepts for custom software development work

2) Generate high-converting strategies and content for marketing- and sales campaigns

For all other digital work such as

- HR and recruiting

- Any marketing and sales content

- Plans and reports

- and really any other type of digital work

. we've built an AI template generator that creates individual AI templates for you with just a few clicks.

We create templates for your most important work deliverables with you and show you and your team how to create more of them independently from us. Then you can boost productivity and consistency and reduce failures with AI-generated deliverables and make important knowledge persistent in AI templates (not just in the brains of people).

We are happy to give you a demo in a personal strategy session.

Request your 1-on-1 strategy session
How We Build With You An Automated 
AI Delivery-System
...to boost productivity and profitability and reduce failures by up to 90%.