Doing this solved all scaling problems in my own agency

1) You need a
"Scalable Workforce"
to grow profitably

...and to avoid trapping
in the agency hamsterwheel
with high fixed costs

2) You need a
"Sales Machine"
to grow your revenues predictably

... and win those clients
for your agency that you
really want to work with

Revenue is the driver for growth of your agency.Β 

A scalable team is the driver to grow and stay profitable.

You need to build a system that grows revenue with existing clients and wins new clients systematically and predictably.

Putting these 2 components together will boost your revenues AND your profits AND with a scalable workforce you’ll always have the right skills and capacities to serve your clients WITHOUT you having to work more and more hours yourself.

πŸ‘‰ I’ll guide you to get both, predictable revenues and a scalable workforce for happy clients and predictable profits in your agency.Β 

2 global megatrends
make this possible

Trend 1: There is a huge global freelancer trend

Trend 2: Remote Work is the new normal

Combining these 2 megatrends will help you build your workforce of the future.

Access to global talent and proven methods of digital leadership are the key to build the agency of the future.

Let’s get into it! πŸ‘‡

Build A
Scalable Workforce
Predictable Revenues
with global
Freelancer Teams

So you can simply start scaling your own agency profitably and reliably with virtual teams of global freelancers and you never have to be limited by staff shortages, by too high fixed costs or by too low revenues. Your agency will finally get the flexibility needed to grow further with those clients you really want, growΒ  revenues predictably and escape the war of talent

  • without fighting for talent against your competitors
  • without high dependencies on only a few big clients
  • without looking for new employees for 3-6 months
  • without growing your fixed costs with every new hire

With the Scalable Agency Starter Pack you’ll get immediate access to all the structures, tools, workflows, methods, even to all components of my digital leadership system that sets the quality standard for freelancers working with you and that gives you full transparency and control over results and progress.

This freelancer strategy works for both

  1. delivering your clients’ projects in order to make your clients happy and grow with them
  2. growing your sales and marketing team to boost your revenue with new clients

I use this exact system in my own agency “Bright Solutions” where I work with over 150 freelancers in over 67 countries and over 4.000.000 EUR revenue per year. I started this agency in 2011 from scratch – as a freelancer myself.

And … Corona made remote work the “new normal” all around the globe, isn’t it the best time ever to set up your agencie’s strategy for future growth with virtual teams 😎?

Here’s the best part:

It makes NO DIFFERENCE what kind of digital work you want to get done or which industry you are in:

This System Is Proven To Work For ...




It doesn’t matter which technologies, platforms, tools, methods etc. you use to serve your clients. You can even provide full-service for any kind of digital work if you want to grow your agency further with new services.

CLICK to learn more

Because with this system it is not relevant anymore to “have” this knowledge employed. It is important to learn building solid role based architectures of high performing teams and then find freelancers with the required skills and capacity fast.

Your digital leadership system will ensure that you get reliable results and the quality you need – systematically and not only depending only on the performance of individuals.

That can become your biggest competitive advantage!

You can implement this strategy, tools, workflows, methods and the whole digital leadership system from the Scalable Agency Starter Pack in your own agency as they are already used in many other agencies.

The system of virtual teams of global freelancers supported by a digital leadership system has even scientific background from 3 studies from the Stanford University (Flash Teams, Flash Organizations, Dream Teams)

This System Can Solve The Following Typical Agency Problems

Find Good Talent Fast

You need talent and teams ready when new projects come.
Find experts in days not months.

Grow And Stay Profitable

Align costs with revenues and always stay profitable.
Scale costs flexibly up and down.

Boost Your

Build a sales machine with global freelancers.
Scale your revenues predictably.

Less Stress More Focus

Stress and noise are real performance killers and make people quit.
Keep your team focused.


Get results faster and with less costs and resources.
Without burning your team.

Create Quality

Deliver quality work reliably and keep clients happy.
Systematically not by accident.

It Works For Agencies
with 0 to 200 employees

This system works if you start a new agency OR if you have already up to 200 employees.

With this system you can start building your agency as a 100% virtual agency or you can build a hybrid agency with full time employees and global freelancers.

See what some of our clients got

Paul Ardeleanu - Founder and CEO of Marketing Deck (Agency)
Darren Cahill - Founder and CEO of Brotist (Marketing, E-Commerce)
Steffen MΓΌller - Founder and CEO of Adcraft (Software Development)
Anthony Vdovitchenko - Founder and CEO (AI Software Development)
Nico Serapins - Founder and CEO Good Visuals Only
Joeri Billast - Founder and CEO Efficado
Teo Deleanu - Software consultant
Start Implementing This System

With The Scalable Agency Starter Pack

These 5 components can really boost your agency's performance with a scalable workforce and predictable revenues


Video: The exact setup of a scalable agency (1h)

Look over my shoulder in this video and see how I've built my agency with 150 freelancers, 12 employees and 4 Mio annual revenue. In this video you’ll gain insights into the exact setup of a scalable agency.

CLICK to see all details

You can cherry pick what’s most valuable to you or clone the whole proven agency setup and apply it to your agency and start scaling. This setup reduced my workload from over 14 hours per day to 2-4 hours per day and increased our profitability, our team happiness and our service portfolio tremendously while giving more value to our clients and more autonomy to our teams! In this video you'll learn how to:

πŸ‘‰1) Fix the "Core-Bug" in the agency business model

πŸ‘‰2) Build and lead autonomous and self-driven teams

πŸ‘‰3) Gain independent from a few important employees and clients

πŸ‘‰4) Decide when to hire employees and when to get freelancers

πŸ‘‰5) Apply the core leadership principles of a scalable agency

πŸ‘‰6) Get reliable results while working with global freelancers

πŸ‘‰7) Keep your employees aligned, happy and engaged

πŸ‘‰8) Use OKRs and learn when to use KPIs for performance tracking and alignment

πŸ‘‰9) Build a reliable system with quality standards and solid processes

πŸ‘‰10) Align sales and marketing teams to become your growth engine and measure their performance

πŸ‘‰11) +BONUS: Learn how I led my teams with transparent and self-determined salaries and get access to my open salary framework with all details described


Build a B2B sales machine with freelancers + Template

I'll show you in this 1 hour video how I built my virtual marketing and sales team using global freelancers to grow my agency to more than 4.000.000 EUR revenue per year. And you get access to my full marketing strategy template so you can get the fundamentals right and let freelancers execute your strategy to grow your revenue.

CLICK to see all details

βœ… Setting proper goals for your sales and marketing team

βœ… How to build a marketing strategy

βœ… Identify your perfect client

βœ… Focus on products or services?

βœ… How to standardize and systemize your sales processes

βœ… How to build and scale your marketing and sales team using reliable, talented tried-and-true freelancers

βœ… Tools, workflows, roles and the exact setup of a marketing and sales team

βœ… Access to my full marketing strategy template


The Scalable Agency Business Model Calculator + Walk-Through-Video

You get access to my Agency Business Model Calculator that I use to calculate the financial effectiveness of agencies that want to scale their workforce with virtual teams of freelancers. You get a detailed simulated overview based on 4 different business scenarios you can fill with data of your assumptions:

CLICK to see all details

βœ… Your revenue simulation based on different scenarios

βœ… Your profit forecast based on different scenarios

βœ… Your staff forecast (freelancers and employees)

βœ… Your payroll

βœ… All fixed and variable costs

βœ… All roles your employees (if you have any) can take in this agency model

βœ… A simulation of your profit and loss statements after applying this approach

βœ… It will even show you your financial break even point (profit zone) based on revenue and cost scenarios

In the video that is part of this offer I guide you through the calculator and explain the details to you. You’ll get everything you need to create a proper business plan to evaluate your financial success based on proper assumptions and proven calculations.


15 Videos: Become a master in leading virtual freelancer teams (2h)

The knowledge is structured in the following modules so you can easily understand the exact methods, workflows, tools and all details to start leading virtual teams of employees and global freelancers to get reliable results:

CLICK to see all details

πŸ‘‰1) The basics of successful virtual teams

πŸ‘‰2) Finding the right freelancers

πŸ‘‰3) Defining job-roles properly

πŸ‘‰4) Keeping your team focused

πŸ‘‰5) The 3 core roles of every team

πŸ‘‰6) Selecting the right tools

πŸ‘‰7) Scrum in virtual teams

πŸ‘‰8) Proper onboarding and offboarding

πŸ‘‰9) Delegating properly

πŸ‘‰10) Identifying performance risks

πŸ‘‰11) Effective communication

πŸ‘‰12) Improving team performance continuously

πŸ‘‰13) Giving effective feedback (to clients, employees and freelancers)

πŸ‘‰14) Time management with time boxes

πŸ‘‰15) Self-Organization hacks


Get +50 templates and checklists in my Trello board

With 50+ templates and checklists for Scrum, digital marketing and software development you'll find an example of a quality standard that ensures reliable results working with freelancers. Use these checklists and templates as inspiration or copy&paste them to build your digital quality standard.

CLICK to see all details

πŸ‘‰1) Checklists and templates for all Scrum meetings

πŸ‘‰2) Checklists and templates for all Scrum artifacts

πŸ‘‰3) Checklists and templates for campaign driven performance marketing

πŸ‘‰4) Checklists and templates for software development

πŸ‘‰5) Roles prepared for marketing teams

πŸ‘‰6) Roles prepared for software development teams

πŸ‘‰7) Workflow template

πŸ‘‰8) All you need to build your own quality standard to get reliable results.

This System Got
Awarded By The
European Commission

seal of excellence

In 2018 the European Commission awarded this system with the Seal of Excellence to certify it as a concept that offers a high value for many other service based companies.

This system was awarded as a “High Quality” approach in a “Highly competitive evaluation process” by independent experts from all over Europe. Due to its first use in IT and digital marketing projects in 2018, this award was focused on IT projects. In the meantime we have seamlessly transferred the system to all types of digital work.

4 Main Results

βœ… You’ll always have the right experts for your projects, no matter which technology or which marketing services your clients request.

βœ…Β Become 100% independent from local staff shortages (while keeping your local team motivated if you have one)

βœ… Increase your revenue without increasing the risk of new fixed costs

βœ… Boost your profits in times of rapid growth and stay profitble when revenues go down.

How A Virtual
Freelancer Team
Saved My Entire Agency !

Triggered by a huge project crash in my agency in 2018 where I almost had to pay over 500.000 EUR contract penalties to one of my clients, I’ve transformed my local business of 43 local full time employees into a global virtual team with over 150 freelancers lead by 12 employees. THAT CHANGED THE GAME COMPLETELY!

Here are the 8 main results I got from the system that I’ve figured out:

  1. πŸ‘‰ I can deliver all services my clients request simply by hiring the right freelancers when I need them
  2. πŸ‘‰ My agency’s profitability (EBIT) increased from 4% to 18% of revenue
  3. πŸ‘‰ Our revenues increased by almost 90% as we could deliver more services
  4. πŸ‘‰ My dependency on few big customers and few important employees flew away
  5. πŸ‘‰ Our team is much happier and more satisfied, less stressed
  6. πŸ‘‰ As my teams performed much better, even my workload went down from 10-14 hour workdays to 2-5 hours per day!
  7. πŸ‘‰ Bonus: With access to global talent we hire new experts in 3-5 days instead of 3-6 months – Staff shortages are gone, FOREVER!
  8. πŸ‘‰ Bonus: Our costs structure scales with our revenues, especially during Corona, when revenue was down 30% and more, my agency was still profitable

We could even
grow our team
400% in only 6 months!

See how I was trapping in the agency hamster wheel till the 06.06.2018 and how I almost crashed my entire agency with expensive experiments with offshoring and nearshoring and blind trust in account managers with the HOPE to find other agencies that help me scale....I found out why this crashed and I found a solution. They all have the same problems...Flash hub was born.
What Clients Ask Me Often

Are freelancers reliable enough, I had some bad experience....?

No matter if you have employees or freelancers, you work with people. There are those you’ll find reliable and those you’ll find unreliable.
To find those people that are reliable in our terms, there is a structured process to assess and test them properly for soft skills and hard skills we find important.
And if you find that a person you hired is not reliable, the most effective thing to do is to have an alternative. And that is what you have much faster with freelancers and access to global talent. Having a structured digital leadership system will make the onboarding, the performance monitoring and the offboarding much faster and this will become the system you can rely on.

Does this system work for creative work?

Yes, it works for any kind of digital work. It works for software development, digital marketing, graphic design, copywriting, campaign development, video creation really for any of digital work. The structure of your digital leadership system will even make it much more efficient and less stressful for creative people.

If I have a running business, do I need to fire my employees?

No! You should always keep employees you trust and that work with you reliably. Most teams work as hybrid teams of both employees and freelancers. You can do your team a real favour and even release them from too high workload by helping them scale their work with freelancers so that they can focus on what they can do best and what they like most. That will even decrease turnover as your employees can be much more satisfied and fulfilled in their job.

How will this system affect our existing culture?

This system can boost the performance and satisfaction of your local team while even reducing stress significantly. Once there is too high workload, your team does not need to work overtime. Instead they can scale with structured access to global skills and capacities and get much more work done without working more themselves.

Will my clients accept if I work with freelancers?

In my business as well as for other businesses I work with, this appraoch is even seen as really innovative and a adds a unique selling point and a competitive advantage. Even your clients benefit from that system as you give them a personal contact and open the door to global knowledge for them. They can get any service from you on an expert level (you don’t need to “have” this knowlede employed, instead you need to know how to build and lead virtual teams). Once you know how to build and lead high performing virtual teams, you can get any kind of work done with freelance teams.

Which sizes of teams or projects can I get done with this system?

I have over 150 freelancers in my business. Most teams are effective and efficient between 2 and 8 team members. Personally I find 5 perfect. Our clients have teams with up to 23 freelancers but I see this as an exception. 2-8 people, employees and freelancers are a good size.

Who will manage the freelancers?

All responsibilities and accountabilities in your team are role based and then individuals are assigned to these roles. The team owner owns the team while the process owner leads the team. This can be a scrum master if you work according to scrum for example. There can be a project manager that manages time, scope, budget, quality and change if you work on a project with your freelancer team. All these roles can be taken by employees or by other freelancers, either as hybrid team or as full virtual team. That’s why the role based team setup is so flexible, powerful and scalable.

How to avoid a loss of knowledge if a freelancer leaves?

The same question is related to employees. In most businesses, there is a huge loss of knowledge if key people leave. But the truth is: People will leave, both freelancers and employees. So you better be prepared. With a digital leadership system you systematically persist knowledge in a digital system and your processes help you so that documentation almost runs on autopilot. With this persistent knowledge people can come and go while the knowledge stays with you and can be transferred to other people during an efficient onboarding. Once you have that system in place, flexibility becomes your biggest competitive advantage!

How long will freelancers stay with me?

I have freelancers working with me over 8 years while others leave after 2 weeks. I prefer if they leave fast and I can find a better fit if they don’t like working with us instead of working with low performance as long as I fire them). There is one core rule that is the same for your employees: Treat them well, pay them well and give them exciting tasks and they will stay with you.

Which limitations does this system have?

There are two limitations I know: 1) If your work requires you to touch physical goods or 2) if you are convinced that a specific kind of work won’t work for you with this system. With this mindset you’ll always rationalize problems with this belief and stop trying after the first issue instead of improving continuously. I can give you examples for almost any kind of work – even interior design of offices πŸ˜‰

About Manuel Pistner

Know-how from agency owner to agency owner

My name is Manuel Pistner. My experience in numbers:

  • Business owner and entrepreneur since 2006
  • Built 6 own businesses (2 agencies) – sold one while currently leading 3 by myself
  • current team of over 150 freelancers in 67 countries
  • Built and lead the agency “Bright Solutions” with 4 Mio annual revenue
  • hired more then 800 freelancers online
  • working with global freelancers since 2012
  • built more then 50 virtual teams of freelancers
  • 200.000 hours of work per year with freelancer teams

My Personal Guarantee

With the Scalable Agency Starter Pack you get the whole knowledge that helped me scale my agency to 4 Mio annual revenue and 150 global freelancers. You get access for just 39 EUR one-time payment AND all your money back if you really see no value.

If you don’t feel that the offer presented on this page is worth at least the price you pay, send me an email within 30 days of getting access to the videos and I’ll refund your full price without any discussion.

Fair enough?

Manuel Pistner

Agency Success Stories
Now, Start Scaling Your Agency With The Scalable Agency Starter Pack

If you apply this knowledge it will enable you to grow and scale your agency with high performing virtual teams of global freelancers far beyond your imagination. You get all this detailed knowledge of the whole strategy including all 4 components including


Video: The Exact Setup Of A Scalable Agency – 1 hour
πŸ‘‰ I sell this video regularly for 49 EUR

Video: Build a B2B Sales Machine With Freelancers – 1 hour
πŸ‘‰ I sell this video regularly for 49 EUR

Template: Marketing Strategy Template
πŸ‘‰ I sell this template regularly for 49 EUR

The Scalable Agency Business Calculator + Walkthrough – 30 min
πŸ‘‰ This took me 12 hours to create + my experience

15 Videos: Learn Leading High Performing Virtual Teams – 2 hours
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+50 templates and checklists for Scrum in software development and digital marketing
πŸ‘‰ I sell this Trello board regularly for 89 EUR


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