Plan your agency or service business scalable with virtual teams

Download as Excel model + Video tutorial

The business model for scalable service companies will help you to:

  • plan the exact cost structure of a scalable agency
  • simulate different scenarios to calculate the impact of changes on your business
  • calculate the break-even point for profitability
  • calculate profitability with the main assumptions
  • get a complete picture of the business model of a scalable agency
  • identify and calculate the drivers for scalable growth and predictable profitability in a service business

BONUS Video: You’ll get a full video that explains the business model Excel sheet in detail (german verison only)

About Manuel Pistner and Flash Hub.

Manuel Pistner has long sought a way out of the dilemma of the shortage of skilled workers – and finally found one in 2018! Through the increasingly consistent use of virtual teams of global freelancers, we have developed a system that makes digitally working teams scalable with full transparency and control – for all common technologies.

With Flash Hub, we make these possibilities available to other agencies, product owners, marketing managers and all those who want to experience digital work without bottlenecks.