To scale your business you need systems and teams to


Win clients systematically online

...instead of relying on recommendations and manual sales channels


Deliver services profitably without growing your workload

... using a result focused leadership system and self-managing teams that scale reliably with global freelancers

👉 With the Flash Hub Academy, you’ll understand how these teams and systems are built, how you lead instead of manage, and how you systemize and automate sales and service delivery to provide a no-stress work environment with focus, freedom and result-ownership for you, your clients and your teams.

This methodology works 100% for remote teams, hybrid teams and office-based teams.

Table of contents

Module 1: The fundamentals to scale

    • Productizing services & marketing funnels
    • Scalable delivery – Quality standards
    • The digital leadership system
    • The omnipresent B2B marketing & sales funnel

Module 2: Building virtual teams with freelancers

    • The 7 Step Process To Find Your Perfect Freelancer
    • Delegating Properly (+ Delegation Template)
    • Exercise: Which work you can (and should!) delegate?
    • Defining Roles Properly (+ Role definition template)
    • How to attract great (global) talent
    • Find the Right Experts – Talent platforms & templates
    • Proper onboarding and offboarding

Module 3: Leading self-managing teams

    • The success factors of high performing virtual teams
    • The 5 leadership principles of result focused virtual teams
    • Keeping your team focused and avoid “Role pollution”
    • Effective communication
    • Get better results with this feedback method
    • Improving performance continuously
    • Identify performance risks in your team
    • 3 Core Roles of Every Team
    • Scrum in virtual teams
    • Building self-managing and aligned teams
    • Systemize your business and delegate ownership to your teams
    • Squads – The business in your business
    • The purpose of your digital leadership system
    • Selecting the right tools (+Tool checklist)

Module 4: Culture - Performance hacks and self-management

    • Time management with time boxes
    • Self-organization hacks
    • How to reduce unproductive meetings
    • How to reduce workload for you and your team
    • How to reduce stress in virtual teams

Module 5: Profitable growth in any market situation

    • The business hamster wheel
    • Escape the hamster wheel
    • A formula for to grow with stable profits
    • Business model calculator template (for service providers and agencies)
    • Exercise: How you can increase your business profitability
    • Exercise: Calculate the exact value of this setup for your own business

Module 6: Win clients online - Sales machine with freelancers

    • How to win clients (overview of strategy)
    • Build a B2B marketing and sales machine with freelancers
    • Marketing and Sales Funnel Strategy (Template + Explain Video)

With this training, you get all the knowledge we've built since years to understand how you can

✅ Reduce your workload and get a lot of free time by removing yourself from the business operations and delegating to self-managing teams.

✅ Make the entire world your reliable talent pool and you’ll always have the right experts in your team, no matter which digital skills you need.

✅ Become 100% independent from local staff shortages while keeping your local team motivated if you have one.

✅ Increase your revenue without increasing the risk of new fixed costs when hiring only full-time.

✅ Grow and stay profitable in times of rapid growth as well as in times of unstable revenues –  you’ll grow without growing your risk with growing fixed costs.

This System Got
By The
European Commission

In 2018 the European Commission awarded this system with the Seal of Excellence to certify it as a concept that offers a high value for many other service based companies.

This system was awarded as a “High Quality” approach in a “Highly competitive evaluation process” by independent experts from all over Europe. Due to its first use in IT and digital marketing projects in 2018, this award was focused on IT projects. In the meantime we have seamlessly transferred the system to all types of digital work.

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Vincent Lévi
(TradingID, Marketing)
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Founder and CEO of Growth Gurus
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“Hi Manuel,

You told us that we should reach out for any question…
The fact is, I don’t have any for the moment 🙂 (but that will certainly come).

Those lines just to let you know that all that I’ve learned those last weeks is awesome and has a lot of value for me.

My agency is 11 years old, I have 8 employees and I have almost always worked with freelancers too.

But all your videos, academy, documentations and now the challenge, forced me to put my nose into my own sh** and consider :

1) that my way of doing things has limits (that part I already noticed, but ignored with the bad excuse : « I don’t have time and things are going well for us »)
2) It can change (that is the new part).

For now, I’m feeling a bit brainwashed (or « flashed », Men in Black way of being flashed^^) and I need some time to « structure » all that in my head, on our tools, in the brains of our team etc. but I’m convinced I’ll be very soon able to :

1) Reduce my stress and the stress of my employees
2) Work more on the agency then in the agency in order to improve the system
3) Have a better life (if I manage to work less then 65 hours a week I’ll consider that as a great result)
4) Scale my agency

Thank you again Manuel and have a great day!
À bientôt !”

Tjark Tilberis CEO and Founder of "C'est qui Maurice ?" (Agency)

My Personal Guarantee

With the Flash Hub Academy you get access to the full knowledge that helped me build and lead a mulit-million revenue business with a team of +150 freelancers in 67 countries, which allowed me to get reliable results from global freelancers. With systems, automation and self-managing teams we got empowered to deliver our services without staff shortages and automate lead-generation to scale our revenues without being involved in networking, cold calls and annoying outreach.

If you don’t feel that the offer presented on this page is worth at least the price you pay, send me an email within 30 days of getting access to the videos and I’ll refund your full price without any discussion.

Fair enough?

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