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2 global megatrends make this possible


There is a huge global freelancer trend


Remote Work is the new normal

Combining these 2 megatrends will help you build your workforce of the future.

Let’s get into it!

Here's what you'll learn with 15 videos if highly focused content

1) The basics of successful virtual teams

In this video you’ll get to know the fundamentals of leading virtual teams of global freelancers successfully and how to build a culture of high performance.

2) Finding the right freelancers

In this video you’ll learn the basics of finding the right freelancers that fit into your team culture and deliver the results that you need.

3) Defining roles properly

In this video you’ll learn exactly how to define roles as the basis of finding the right freelancers for your team. You’ll get a role template that you can customize to find your perfect freelancers.

4) Keeping your team focused

In this video you’ll learn exactly how to keep your team focused and how to avoid distractions.

5) The 3 core roles of each team

In this video you’ll learn how to set up a proper team-architecture of expert roles so that every core accountability is covered and the team has a solid basis to become a high performance team.

6) Selecting the right tools

In this video you’ll learn what’s important when selecting tools for your organization to enable *remote work* and *virtual teams* and foster successful, global collaboration with transparency and control over results and progress.

7) Scrum in virtual teams

In this video, you’ll learn exactly how scrum works in virtual teams, which roles and workflows exist and how to use scrum in your own virtual team to get the required flexibility and reliable results.

8) Proper onboarding and offboarding

In this video you’ll learn how to create and execute a structured and efficient onboarding process for new experts joining your team so that you can speed up the process to scale your team.

9) Delegating properly

In this video you’ll learn how to delegate properly with clearity and get the results that you need in a reliable way. This delegation template helps you to avoid the most common mistakes that lead to frequent disappointment.

10) Identifying performance risks

In this video you’ll learn how to identify performance risks in your team early so that you can take action before these risks become reality.

11) Effective communication

In this video you’ll learn exactly how to implement effective communication structures and habits that give your team focus on being productive, avoid interruptions and keep people happy and engaged.

12) Improving performance continuously

In this video you’ll learn how to improve the performance of your team continuously and systematically. This will help your team to become a high performance engine to scale your busines

13) Giving effective feedback

In this video you’ll learn how to give effective feedback that people can understand, execute and that will result in real performance improvements of individuals and your whole team.

14) Time management with time boxes

In this video you’ll learn exactly how to manage your time more effectively using time boxes and how to keep everyone in the team focused on what really matters (frequent meetings DON’T!).

15) Self-Organization hacks

In this video you’ll learn some self organization hacks to keep yourself structured and organized. Remember that only a person that is able to lead herself can lead others effectively.

This is 2 hours of practical content that, if applied, will help you boost the efficiency of your remote team and help you scale with global freelancers.

This System Got
By The
European Commission

In 2018 the European Commission awarded this system with the Seal of Excellence to certify it as a concept that offers a high value for many other service based companies.

This system was awarded as a “High Quality” approach in a “Highly competitive evaluation process” by independent experts from all over Europe. Due to its first use in IT and digital marketing projects in 2018, this award was focused on IT projects. In the meantime we have seamlessly transferred the system to all types of digital work.

4 Main Results

✅ You’ll always have the right experts for your projects, no matter which technology or which marketing services your clients request.

✅ Become 100% independent from local staff shortages (while keeping your local team motivated if you have one)

✅ Increase your revenue without increasing the risk of new fixed costs

✅ Boost your profits in times of rapid growth and stay profitble when revenues go down.

See What Some Clients Say...

How A Virtual Freelancer Team Saved My Entire Business!

Triggered by a huge project crash in my business in 2018 where I almost had to pay over 500.000 EUR contract penalties to one of my clients, I’ve transformed my local business of 43 local full time employees into a global virtual team with over 150 freelancers lead by 12 employees. THAT CHANGED THE GAME COMPLETELY!

Here are the 8 main results I got from the system that I’ve figured out:

  • I can deliver all services my clients request simply by hiring the right freelancers when I need them
  • My business’ profitability (EBIT) increased from 4% to 18% of revenue
  • Our revenues increased by almost 90% as we could deliver more services
  • My dependency on few big customers and few important employees flew away
  • Our team is much happier and more satisfied, less stressed
  • As my teams performed much better, even my workload went down from 10-14 hour workdays to 2-5 hours per day!
  • Bonus: With access to global talent we hire new experts in 3-5 days instead of 3-6 months – Staff shortages are gone, FOREVER!
  • Bonus: Our costs structure scales with our revenues, especially during Corona, when revenue was down 30% and more, my business was still profitable

We could even
grow our team
400% in only 6 months!

See how I was trapping in the typical business owner hamster wheel till the 06.06.2018 and how I almost crashed my entire business with expensive experiments with offshoring and nearshoring and blind trust in account managers with the HOPE to find other agencies that help me scale….I found out why this crashed and I found a solution. They all have the same problems…Flash hub was born.

Manuel Pistner

Know-how from business owner to business owner

My name is Manuel Pistner. My experience in numbers:

  • Business owner and entrepreneur since 2006
  • Built 6 own businesses (2 agencies) – sold one while currently leading 3 by myself
  • Current team of over 150 freelancers in 67 countries
  • Hired more then 800 freelancers online
  • Working with global freelancers since 2012
  • Built more then 80 virtual teams of freelancers
  • 200.000 hours of work per year with freelancer teams

My Personal Guarantee

With the Flash Hub Academy you get access to the whole knowledge that helped me to build and lead a team of +150 freelancers in 67 countries and that helped me to get reliable results from global freelancers. You get access for just 129 EUR one-time payment AND all your money back if you really see no value.

If you don’t feel that the offer presented on this page is worth at least the price you pay, send me an email within 30 days of getting access to the videos and I’ll refund your full price without any discussion.

Fair enough?

Transparency about this offer

I hate intransparent offers that give me no idea about what else I need to do to achieve the promised result.

Let me be 100% transparent upfront.

  1. This offer gives you all the knowledge to learn how this system works reliably. You can start apply everything based on this knowledge and with the provided templates.
  2. I’ll offer you other services if you want implementation support from me and my team
    1. You can get group support
    2. You can get personal support
    3. Or you don’t want any support, so you can go on your own
  3. If you want, I’ll  offer you to find and assess freelancers for you in case you don’t want to do it yourself and spend you time otherwise (BUT: you get everything to start yourself if you want to do it)

That’s all, I hope that helps you understand how the road goes to get you the same results that I got.

No hidden offers, no hidden fees, no risk for you.

Start now and get the knowledge to learn how to build and lead high performing remote teams that scale with global freelancers.

instead of 399EUR

you get all this for

only 129,– EUR*

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I’m excited to help you build a scalable business with virtual teams of global freelancers!

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