How we discovered to power of AI and virtual teams in 2018

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You and your team have too much work and can't find a way out?

Most organizations limit their own potential and create unnecessary stress and a growing workload.

Why? There are 4 main reasons:

  1. They heavily depend on manual work without leveraging digitization, structures and systems to delegate work reliably to freelancers, remote workers and AI tools.
  2. Results depend on a few most important (and often overworked) A-players, managers, or the business owner and these high dependencies cause a lot of stress.
  3. Onboarding new talent takes months and they can’t “plug in” on-demand talent and AI tools to relieve their teams from too high workload.
  4. They lack a digital leadership system and that makes virtual collaboration more stressful with a lot of meetings, failures and unmet expectations every day.

Why do alternatives often fail?
Just working more hours without increasing productivity will lead people to burnout. Outsourcing to other service providers, offshoring, and nearshoring won’t solve the root cause of productivity problems and exactly these organizations are facing the same problems. You’ll just move the problem to another organization, symptoms are hidden and the resulting problems hit even harder. Trust, we almost failed hard with this approach and you can avoid the same crash (see the TEDx talk below).

The results are growing stress, growing workload and growing complexity for teams and entire organizations!

YES! You can change that starting today without reinventing the wheel.

Let employees, freelancers and AI work together

Relief your team and yourself from high workload stress and unlock the growth potential of your business.

How? Teams and AI together can scale digital work almost like cloud technology – with the right skills at the right time for the right work.

The right AI tools will boost quality and productivity while you and your team can become hyper-productive without getting hyper-stressed and overworked.

“But what about people – people are not machines or resources!”
We totally agree on that – 100%.
That’s why it is even more important to provide a work environment of clarity, focus, reliability, productivity and support for your team without ever-growing workload and stress.

A digital leadership system with crystal clear roles, goals, workflows and tools combined with a culture of transparency and support, empowers teams and entire organizations to scale productivity reliably and successfully.
You can welcome the age of hyper-productivity and finally say “goodbye!” to growing stress, growing workload and to local staff shortages.

Digitization and global remote work made it so easy!
So…what are you waiting for?

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How Flash Hub helps?

We help business leaders scale their teams and their entire organization systematically and reliably with global freelancers.

We combine 5 core services that help you build, lead and scale teams with global freelancers - flexibly and reliably.

1. Roles

With our proven role templates and team blueprints you set a solid foundation to delegate tasks, and entire projects to single freelancers or entire teams. We help you define your dream team!

2. Workflows

We provide you with templates and blueprints for quality standards, performance tracking, and workflows to create focus, clarity, and transparency for you and your team.

3. Tools

We recommend a setup of best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency. The integration of these tools will build your virtual office as a basis for global collaboration.

4. Freelancers

We offer you full service for sourcing, assessment and hiring of expert freelancers from our community and we help you with systematic role-onboarding, and knowledge transfer and minimize your administration work.

5. Support

To improve the performance of your team, we provide you, your team, and the freelances you hire with training, coaching and ongoing support. You'll connect with other leaders from our community and get world-class support from people that lead large teams of freelancers themselves.

Ready to become hyper-productive with the power of virtual teams and AI?