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Your team has too much work but finding skilled talent is SO HARD?

Most organizations limit their team’s potential and create unnecessary stress and a growing workload.

Why? There are 4 main reasons:

  1. They limit themselves by hiring only locally and staff shortages increase pressure, competition and dependencies every year.
  2. They lack clarity, transparency and accountability in their team and that causes stress and growing chaos especially when work gets more complex and change happens faster.
  3. Onboarding new talent takes months and they can’t “plug in” on-demand talent to relieve their teams when they are overworked.
  4. They lack a digital leadership system and that makes virtual collaboration more stressful with a lot of meetings, failures and unmet expectations every day.

Why do alternatives often fail?
Hiring other service providers, offshoring, and nearshoring providers are facing the same issues and can’t provide a reliable solution to scale skills and work capacity. They just move the problem to another organization, symptoms are hidden and the resulting problems hit even harder. Trust, we failed hard with this approach and you can avoid the same crash (see the TEDx talk below).

This results in growing stress, growing workload and growing complexity for teams and entire organizations!

Make the entire world your reliable talent pool

Relief your team from stress and from the growing workload caused by skill- and staff shortages.

How? The entire world can become your reliable talent pool – and teams can scale almost like cloud technology – with the right skills at the right time in the right roles.

“But what about people – people are not machines or resources!”
We totally agree on that – 100%.
That’s why it is even more important to provide a work environment of clarity, focus, reliability and support for your team.

When digital work and projects with growing complexity and tight deadlines cause stress and high workload, leaders need to provide on-demand skill- and work capacity to avoid team members getting overworked and stressed. Your team deserves relief!

A digital leadership system with crystal clear roles, goals, workflows and tools as well as a culture of transparency and support, empowers teams and entire organizations to scale reliably and successfully with global freelancers – and finally say “goodbye!” to growing stress, growing workload and to local staff shortages.

And global remote work made it so easy!
So what are you waiting for?

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How Flash Hub helps?

We help business leaders scale their teams and their entire organization systematically and reliably with global freelancers.

We combine 5 core services that help you build, lead and scale teams with global freelancers - flexibly and reliably.

1. Roles

With our proven role templates and team blueprints you set a solid foundation to delegate tasks, and entire projects to single freelancers or entire teams. We help you define your dream team!

2. Workflows

We provide you with templates and blueprints for quality standards, performance tracking, and workflows to create focus, clarity, and transparency for you and your team.

3. Tools

We recommend a setup of best practice cloud tools for seamless virtual collaboration and high efficiency. The integration of these tools will build your virtual office as a basis for global collaboration.

4. Freelancers

We offer you full service for sourcing, assessment and hiring of expert freelancers from our community and we help you with systematic role-onboarding, and knowledge transfer and minimize your administration work.

5. Support

To improve the performance of your team, we provide you, your team, and the freelances you hire with training, coaching and ongoing support. You'll connect with other leaders from our community and get world-class support from people that lead large teams of freelancers themselves.

Learn from our experience

NO, you don’t need to fire your employees. We had to save our business from the critical consequences of staff shortages, hiring too fast and from limited choices for hiring talent.

We know from our own experience how frustrating it can feel to limit ourselves while constantly managing skill and staff shortages and how annoying it is if you often hear “we have no time!”.
It feels like a never-ending problem everyone complains about without a solution.

Because of that, in 2018 we transformed our own local businesses with over 43 local employees, physical presence, growing workload, stress and missing clarity into a digital workforce with virtual teams of over 150 global freelancers. And it changed everything for the business, our leaders and for every team member.
Based on that experience we’ve built Flash Hub as a service to help leaders and business owners scale their teams and their entire organization with virtual teams of global freelancers in the most flexible and reliable way.

The difference to
freelancer platforms?

Over 300 freelancer platforms on the market provide you with access to a huuuuuge amount of global freelancers but you’re left alone when it comes to sourcing, hiring, and leading the right experts and hopefully finding your own way to get reliable results.

If you start working with global freelancers you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do I find the best freelancers?
  • Which tools should I use?
  • Which workflows should I establish?
  • How do I reliable results at my quality standard?
  • How do I protect and transfer knowledge?
  • How can I track work progress properly?
  • How do I ensure quality?

We’ve got you covered – Flash Hub provides you with services, solutions, training and support for all these questions.

Ready to escape staff shortages and scale your teams with freelancers?